Tuesday, July 7, 2015


It is really important to not judge things by outward appearances right now because there is something more that is happening under the surface. Expect surprises and a deeper revelation to come to you from unexpected sources. Relax and let things unfold over the next few weeks.
You will be able to see the reason that things are the way they are and God will give you a plan to change it. Freedom will come as you let go of old ways of thinking and doing things. Try something new and you will be surprised at how effective you will become. Staying at peace is a key to getting through obstacles that will shift the spiritual atmosphere around you.
Between Now and September
If your ability to hear God has seemed flat lately, then get ready to hear and take action. God will speak to you more clearly in July and you will receive instructions that will help you get established in what He is doing over the next few months.
August is going to bring the start of a new reality in your life. Prayers that you have prayed and things you have battled for a number of years are going to take root and be established. Expect a major shift in September and watch as things kick into a higher gear.
The Power of Saying Yes
Agreeing with God’s plans is really important. It is good to pray, “ … on earth as it is in Heaven.” When we come into agreement with Heaven over our lives, families, cities and nations we are asking to bring God’s heavenly qualities into our lives.
The Kingdom of God is very powerful and there are spiritual laws that are associated with it that we must activate. Here are a few spiritual principles:
• Faith: being sure and trusting God even if things look opposite
• Believe: it was the unbelief of people that even prevented Jesus from doing miracles at times
• Give: you must activate giving in order to receive (not just money)
A Key to Breakthrough
Proverbs 11:27 NLT If you search for good, you will find favor; but if you search for evil, it will find you!
If you search for evil in yourself or others then it can become your focus and can blind you from God’s creative solutions.
• Forgive: when you forgive you open up the possibilities of grace being extended to you