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Wednesday, September 16, 2015


INTERRUPTING YOUR THREAD FOR THE MOST IMPORTANT WARNING OF YOUR LIFE!! THE LORD GAVE ME A DREAM IN AUGUST 2014: THE BLOOD MOON STORMS ARE HERE! ENTER THE ARK NOW! JESUS IS THE ARK! “The sun shall be turned to darkness and the Moon to Blood, before the Day of the LORD comes, the Great and Magnificent Day.” (Acts 2:20) THERE WAS AN ANGEL AT MY DOOR . I looked to my front door and there was a tall Angel, about 10 or 11 feet tall clothed in white. He had a great brown clay or maybe bronze very deep Bowl in his right hand and it was filled with the BLOOD OF JESUS. And in His left hand he held a great Hyssop Branch, but it had no leaves. He was plunging the Hyssop Branch deeply into the bowl of the Blood of Jesus and quickly slapping it all over the top, sides and front of the door to my house. Now I had a thick wooden frame around my door on top and on the sides. This was a wooden door frame. The Angel doused & sopped the Blood of Jesus Christ first on the top wooden frame over my door, then the sides, then the door itself. He was NOT neat about it. This was very quick and very sloppy, but it was supposed to be like that. The blood of Jesus Christ was ALL over my front door and the door frame! . THE ANGEL GAVE INSTRUCTIONS AND WARNINGS . As I quickly approached my door, the Angel turned his head and looked straight at me and told me urgently to “GET IN THE HOUSE AND NOT TO COME BACK OUT!” He said that the only protection from what was coming was in a house that was covered with the Blood of the Lamb (Jesus) like he was doing on my door. He told me that when the second blood moon storm comes NOT TO EVEN LOOK OUTSIDE! He told me to CLOSE UP ALL THE WINDOWS IN THE HOUSE AND NOT TO EVEN LOOK OUT! . THE STORMS ARE GOD'S JUDGMENT AGAINST THE WICKED . He said that this storm was from God and it was His judgment against the wicked and whoever was not in a house painted with the blood of the Lamb with Hyssop on the door above and the sides and on the door, that they would suffer in the judgment of the wicked, but those who were in the house and followed God’s instructions would not suffer the great wrath of God toward the wicked. . OUR PASSOVER LAMB . The Blood of Jesus, our Passover Lamb, will cause the judgement to pass over us. The "House" is actually ourselves: our body/spirit/soul/minds/lives... We must get our house in order. We must cover it with the blood of Jesus. We must cover the door (all access in and out) with the blood of the Lamb. We must seek the face of God and allow Him to convict us of all our sins, including the deep hidden ones. We must confess these sins, then turn away from them. We must pray and fully repent. We must come under the Blood of Jesus and stay there. We must put our eyes on Jesus and NOT the storm or we will sink like Peter did when he looked at the waves of the sea as he walked on the water toward Jesus. Jesus is our Passover Lamb. . WHEN HE SEES THE BLOOD, HE WILL PASSOVER YOU