Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Beautiful and Bittersweet: Parents Release Stunning Video of Their 18-Week-old Baby; Born Too Early to Survive-- see full story here

  Please you have to scroll down to see video it will change your life for sure and have your tissue for you will cry rivers of tears. God is so amazing even in such sadness  as this.                                                                                                                                              THIS IS A 18 WEEK OLD BABY WHO WAS BORN TO SOON AND WAS ALIVE FOR A LITTLE WHILE WOW. I HAVE NEVER SEEN A 18 WEEK OLD BABY BEFORE. THIS SI AMAZING AND SAD..GLORY TO GOD .THIS LITTLE  BABIES BOY IS HOME IN HEAVEN WITH HIS FIRST DADDY GOD YAHWEH AND MOMMY HOLY SPIRIT.PRAY FOR HIS PARENTS ,GOD WILL BLESS THEM WITH A ANOTHER BABY SOON.ONE DAY. I PRAY THEY MAKE IT TO HEAVEN TO MEET HIM AGAIN IN ALL HIS ETERNAL SPLENDOR IN YAH JESUS NAME.