Sunday, October 4, 2015


The Father Yahweh is doing a great shifting in the Spirit realm which is and will manifest on this Earth and in Many life's. I had a vision last night about two people.I was shock the Lord told me it was time to let them go.For reason I will not say.He said that we as saints have people in our lives he was giving a chance to come along with you on your path. Butt there hearts are not pure for you like your heart is for them. So he told me it was time to let them go walk away  and never look back. I was shock about the ones I saw in my dreams. However I have to obey daddy Yahweh. So I did AS HE COMMAND ME SO TO DO!!! YAHWEH said. I  WILLsee why shorty WHY  I HAD TO END FRIENDSHIP WITH THEM. And it was for the best for me.Yahweh told me many saints are going through this now and will shorty. So don't be shock when Yahweh tells you to walk away from someone OR PEOPLE you never knew he would tell you to do .So prepare your hearts my brother and sister. This shaking away and falling off is for our own good. YAHWEH IS  ABOUT TO TAKE US PLACES SOME OR MANY CANNOT GO.Be bless and peace onto you in Yahshusa name.