I saw the enemy moving through the body of Christ and he had a bow and arrow in his hand and he was looking for "trigger points" in the people of God. He was looking for the areas that he knew if he hit that it was going to trigger higher levels of anxiety and fear within God's people. 
I saw him firing arrows at bodies, at minds, at emotions  and circumstances in attempt to 'tip' a 'trigger point' that sees the people of God move away from peace and into high levels of anxiety.
As the enemy moved through shooting His arrows, I saw the Lord walking through the body of Christ and He had a bow and arrow and He had a HUGE army of angelic hosts behind Him who also had bows and arrows in their hands. The size of the arrows in the hand of the Lord and the hands of His angelic hosts were DOUBLE the size of the ones the enemy was firing. 
The Lord moved through His people and He continued to speak "LOOK at ME, look at ME ALONE, LOOK AT ME and REMEMBER the words I have spoken over you and the area the enemy is hitting. Activate your faith in them. I will deliver you and bring about DOUBLE breakthrough."
The Lord and His angelic hosts were aiming at "trigger points" in the lives of God's people and as the people of God cried out for the Lord to bring deliverance, healing and took active steps of trust in Him amidst the fiery arrows the enemy was throwing, SUDDENLY arrows were released from the bow of the Lord and the bows the angelic hosts were holding and they hit "TRIGGER POINTS OF BREAKTHROUGH" in the lives of the people of God releasing DOUBLE PORTION breakthrough and breakthrough anointings. 
As these" trigger points of breakthrough" were hit FLOODS of greater peace and healing were being released along with greater authority over the people of God to bring breakthrough to others in the very areas they were 'hit' in. 
Stay in peace, keep looking at Him and remember what He has spoken to you about the area the enemy is attacking. There is an assignment of anxiety against the people of God but you can choose not to step into it by keeping your face towards Him as a flint and TRUST HIM and the words He has spoken to you. 
Stand strong! This attack is about to pass, and you will move into greater breakthrough, peace and authority in Him.  FROM PROPHET LANA