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Friday, October 30, 2015


"When you were going through Hell, I was there; you know I was. When you were in the pit, I visited you and I gave you another breath to make it another step. But what you didn't realize was the depth that you couldn't see that I was building in you, layer upon layer, upon layer, upon layer, upon layer!
"You see, that layer, is for more than your's for those you carry within your heart. You have young ones and you have old ones, and you have those that surround your life that you care so much for. But don't you know that I gave them the spirit and the breath before the foundations of the world? I gave them a blueprint and a plan. So, carry them in a way that's not unhealthy. Yes, you know where you cross over, but listen, I'm not condemning you...all I'm saying, is open your hands. Open your heart. Open that place where you've carried them a little too far. Let me have them completely and entirely. When you do, you're going to see an acceleration happen that you've only dreamed of.
"Yes, I'm taking grief away from you today and it's being extracted right out of your life. Don't hold on to the familiar, don't hold on to those things that you're so used too; trying to survive the battle, trying to survive another day, trying to survive another week, another year! You know where that has gotten you... You've been tormented... Take your mind and place it where it needs to be, in the center of your second mind, your spirit. Take your mind and replace it with your spiri
"Live out of your spirit and watch what I'll do this day! I'll do it in such a way, in such a manner that you've cried out for! I'm going to remind you of those prayers that you prayed for this very day. You may have forgotten them, but I didn't. I didn't forget those prayers, I didn't forget those times when you shed the tear...don't you remember where I said that I bottle them up? I don't just bottle them up in some jar that I set on a shelf. No, they have your name on them. I cherish them and I hold them close and dear to Me. I've seen every tear. I've seen EVERY tear, every last one of them.
"I will accomplish what I've set out to do in your heart and in your life. I will do it! I will do it! It may not look like it right now. It may look totally contrary to what you have seen in the past, but that's OK. I hold you, and I hold everything in My hand! Everything! Everything that concerns you, I hold closely. I've got it all laid out. I've got it all laid out. Oh, you can turn the other way if you want... I hear you saying, 'But, Lord! But, Papa! But, Father!' That's OK, I'm not intimidated by that. I'm not intimidated by your "Buts"; I'm not intimidated. That's OK, I'll turn it around...I'll turn it all around.
"That's the God you not only serve, but the One that you are friends with.
"I call you My friend."
-Papa God