Thursday, October 15, 2015

Urgent Important Word From Father Yahweh From Prophetess Rosalind Solomon 10-15-15 Please Tell all you can who is of God Yahweh in Yah Jesus name.

The Father has given me this word like three weeks ago and here it is again  shifting of gears taking place in the spirit realm and will affect and manifest in the natural for many people and nations of God.right now. Father Yahweh is doing a lot of  changing things and people turn around, and adjusting  and restructuring and rearranging, at such a very high speed. This is a time to really  stand firm in Father Yahweh in Yahshua Jesus name. Stay focus and ready and flexible and surrendered to Alba Father God. .Listen and see what is before you  it will come as like the  unexpected and it may feel like a huge sifting  and grinding ,is happening   and taking place, and so  there is, However as you stay close to Father Yahweh God , you will see the sifting  and grinding lead you into your next event of  heavenly shifting. This  change of shifting and  gearing may not be what you would  expect at all  However it is going to  take you and Lead you to an even greater advancement and  Kingly Heavenly  blessing. Saith the Father God Yahweh in Yah Jesus  name Get ready good change's are  coming for many of God Children and nation.A big release is coming a sudden out of the heavenly blue sky is coming on the earth. Aim excited !!!