My beloved speaks and says to me: “Arise, my love, my beautiful one, and come away," - Song of Solomon 2:10
I have had a weighty urgency on my heart and have been hearing a "clarion call" in the Spirit, calling His people into deeper intimacy with Him IN the BREAKTHROUGH.
I saw angelic hosts and they were blowing shofars and they were calling His people into the secret place at deeper levels. As the people of God that responded to this invitation moved deeper into the secret place, whether they held the breakthrough in their hands or they still awaited it, as they moved into the secret place, the secret place that looked like a beautiful garden, suddenly turned into a birthing suite.
There is a new level of birthing that is happening right now across the body of Christ. There is the birthing of long awaited breakthrough and dreams, but also the birthing of increase and greater revelation IN the breakthrough.
The enemy is coming hard at both ends of the spectrum. Those who are waiting for their breakthrough and those who are now moving IN it. Don't focus on what the enemy is doing, just know that your "war" is being done in the secret place with Him, in your place of intimacy with Him.
The stewarding of the waiting, the stewarding of the promise, the stewarding of the breakthrough is happening in the secret place. There is a great test upon the people of God IN the breakthrough to MAINTAIN their secret place and not allow the breakthrough, the promotion, the favour and increase take them from the place of deep communion with Him.
The season of successive birthing is upon us. Birthing, upon birthing, upon birthing. Breakthrough, upon breakthrough, upon breakthrough. A wave of the "birthing of something completely new" is flowing through the body of Christ right now. The invitation is there. It's up to us, whether we dive in deep or not. We are moving into the position of midwifery with the Lord, to partner with Him in what He is birthing IN us and THROUGH US on the earth. You are being prepared in the womb of intimacy , shaped, sharpened and secured to move in the new wineskin and breed that is arising all across the earth.
Significant increase of giftings and anointings is happening in the womb of intimacy with Him. Giftings and anointing are about to take on a completely new look, a new shape. A birthing of the new wineskin is happening right now. It's time to really go with the flow that's going in a new direction. Get ready for new directions!
In the womb of intimacy with Him.. You are about to birth MORE than you asked for!