Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Good day Saints Update I had to do this prayer book all over again I had found some errors in it when I received the book's in the mailed .I ALSO DID The COVER ALL OVER. .The little black part at top is a black snake face, It shows prayers ARE to hot for it to come down lol. .Updated version will be available tomorrow and sneak peak in five days. I had to do 8 books over all again in the past week..I saw some errors in the book'.so if you order any now they are all fix. The sneak peeks take up to 5-7 days to show up after update.. I am really learning a lot about this editing and proofing stuff .Its a lot of work and I thank all of you who have stood by me thorough all of this stuff about my books God bless you in Yah Jesus name .

 I have Three  Left I will mail to you Just Donate 6 bucks for Shipping  paypal keep  50 cent of it. And I will send them to you .Note They are the ones with errors in Them .Not a lot of errors just a few and  a couple of double prayers when I was transfering them from the  old prayer book Liquid Fire Yahweh Jesus prayer book. However I had to fix the errors  in book  .I have to rep God well In my Books form now on . I have leraned a Good lesson we must care about all we do for it reflects God and you .Sometimes we are so anixous to do things and we cannot see the mess we make in the process until;;  you come out and look inward to see for your self and when someone cares enought to tell you. My brother Alex tried to tell me .I felt offened by it .I see now how he loving cared enought to tell me about my books when others would not .Thank You Brother Alex love ya in Yah Name to all be bless.