This morning the words were running over and over in my heart "Things are not as they seem, pay attention to your prophetic dreams".
There is a deep level of heavenly insight and clarity being released in prophetic dreams right now that are rising up the sons of Issachar, those who know the times and the seasons.
"Of the sons of Issachar, men who understood the times, with knowledge of what Israel should do.." - 1 Chronicles 12:32
The Lord is releasing pure messages from heaven in prophetic dreams right now that may be opposite to what you are seeing manifest in the natural, but look not to your natural circumstances for the message or the answer. Look to Him, for He is releasing revelation of His heart through prophetic dreams that are being given to you as weapons of intercession to begin to pray into, they are purity keys, that are going to see the pure divine message from His heart bring a shift, a change and a turnaround. He is not only releasing the revelation, but the wisdom to know 'what to do'.
The Lord is releasing these keys in prophetic dreams that as they are prayed into are bringing the shift and change of a season individually for many and the body of Christ.
I felt many were feeling anxious to the 'meaning' of their dreams, and I felt to encourage you to continue to press in and ask the Lord for the interpretation and seek wise counsel for the Lord is going to confirm like 'neon signs' for many His message of the dream. He will make His message undeniable.
Some of the greatest revelatory weapons and keys the body of Christ have received are being released now to bring one of the greatest shifts in the body of Christ we have seen in this season. These keys, these weapons, these dreams will reveal HIS HEART to you concerning your situation and the season we are in, in the body of Christ. He is drawing us deeper into Himself through the glorious richness and beauty of the revelation pouring from His heart.