Thursday, February 4, 2016

Public Notice From Prophetess Rosalind Solomon to My enemy WHO TRY TO BRING ME DOWN and My Brother hood Saints who stood by me Feb.4th 2016

God bless you all my Blog Ministry  friends. I especially want to thank those who criticized me, insulted me, lied against me, gossiped  and slander me made falsehood and lawlessness against me, and those who betrayed me. I really do appreciate all of you for what you  did, for me. If you had not  done theses things, I wouldn't have ben motivated to a better Heights. In Yahweh Father God. Once again thanks for your criticism, I love you all. I thank God for 2015, Now I know that 2016 will be eve more better for me .Because I made it through it all despite the pain .And God is the one who carry me through it all.. Aim  praying that 2016 shall be great for each and every one of us .And that my enemy repent  before it is  too late for them. Now  to all the saints who stuck by me last year through it all thank you. And I LOVE YOU ALL  .I know God has and will bless you all who stood by me through it all  in Yeshua Jesus name.Prophetess Rosalind Solomon