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Friday, February 26, 2016

(SOMEONE SEND THIS TO ME FROM ANOTHER FELLOW PROPHETESS I DON''T KNOW )--- HOWEVER .I READ AND PRAYED AND GOD SAID PLACE IT THE BLOG BE BLESS IN YESHUA JESUS NAME.---Please take this Word into prayer. Luke 8:20-21, And it was told Him by certain which said, Thy mother and thy brethren stand without, desiring to see Thee. 21 And He answered and said unto them, My mother and My brethren are these which hear the Word of God, and do it. I received this Word from Father God Yahweh at 9:35 pm on 25 February 2016: My Precious Daughter who loves her God JEHOVAH with all of her heart, mind, soul, and spirit, write Papa Yahweh’s Corrective Words for all of My Children to hear and obey: Do not be a foolish child, who does not believe that My Son died for them on a horrible wooden cross, for such is the basis of My Son’s Gospel. My Son voluntarily left My Heavenlies and all of His Glory and Power to come to earth and fulfil obediently His Work for His Father. He had His Face like flint to accomplish what I sent Him to do. Do you realize My foolish children, that My Son, God Almighty, put Hisself under subjection to having earthly parents? He knows what it is like to grow up here on earth. He did not come as a King as everyone thought He would, but He made Himself a Servant. For He did not come to be ministered unto, but to minister. Do you realize what My Precious Daughter Mary is suffering from in My Heavenlies; for there is stil weeping here; for all has not been completed. My Mary knows how the catholic church idolizes her and many saints. It hurts her deeply thast this has occurred, for she worships My Son, and was a servant for My Son’s purposes to be the virgin that bare Him as a newborn. Great is My Daughter’s reward. However, she had a purpose and a job to do, just like all of My Saints have their purposes and jobs. Mary is not to be lifted up to any degree as being equal to Me, God JEHOVAH. The only way to Me, The Father is through My Son Yeshua. Not through a priest, not through dead saints, and not through My Precious Daughter Mary. This is man’s doctrine, not God JEHOVAH’s Word, that is Holy and True. Where does it say in My Holy Scriptures to have idolatry? This is an abomination to Me. Judgment comes to My Church. Come out of her, My People. Come out of her harlotry. Father God Yahweh, Judgment is also for My Church, has spoken!-