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Saturday, March 19, 2016


Yes, children, as you know, I am coming, but until then continue to do as I command. Much discussion has taken place in my Kingdom. Yes. The enemy has deceived many causing much strife. You, My children, must forgive each other for I say a time is coming when you wish you would have done so. Did I not say that I AM a righteous God? I must judge you how you judge others. Many things are happening that will surprise you and in a good way. Be prepared to be amazed. 

Things are now changing in this world, and yes, for the better. Soon I will reveal these things to you. Oh, yes, things are transforming as we speak. Be prepared, My children, for completely amazing events to occur. I will tell you much more as things develop. Children, those who believe how these events will take place, or should I say, you think you know, but truly, you don't have a clue. Yes, many things in your realm have already started taking place. You, My children, please take comfort. Do not take concern for I do hold you in my hand. You will notice many messages from my messengers are changing. I will reveal information as I see fit. Many of My children have been released from many bondages. So, take comfort in that. Enjoy your time left on this earth. Of course, stay in My will. Do not venture away. I have sent many Holy angels to comfort you, and you will feel it. So, relax. Do something you enjoy; love, laugh. Show my light in you, My children for you are My children of light. I love you, My doves. I AM coming. Your true light, Yeshua HaMashiak Read Isaiah 33:15 & 16

2nd word children, today things are escalating. Many of you know of these events. Many still do not. You children need to be completely prepared. These things are escalating. These events are happening. Decisions are made that will cause much turmoil. There will be much damage upon your soil. Yes, you Babylon, you will be brought to your knees. You have failed to repent of your heathen gods. You will be held accountable. Yes, for I AM righteous. Yes, I AM a jealous God. Yes, My anger is rising. Yes it sickens (makes someone feel disgusted or appalled and angry) me to watch those whom choose to stay in sin. I have given many warnings to such as this but to no avail. Many have grown so cold. They have chosen unwisely. Yes, they mock and scoff the True Maker of all things. Yes they will be held accountable. Yes, they think things will continue on as they think as normal. But I say, NO! it will not. This world will see My wrath and My wrath is upon them. Many will cry. Yes, they will be sorrowful. But many will curse My Mighty name. But still I say, all will bow. Yes, all, for I AM the I AM, the creator of all. I AM the One and Only, the Only One, forever and forever." AMEN
They will throw their silver into the streets and their gold will be an unclean thing. Their silver and gold will not be able to save them in the Day of the Lord's Wrath. They will not satisfy their hunger or fill their stomach with it for it has made them stumble into sin. My children, Yes, those whom are mine. You My children, stay prepare. You continue about My business. DO not be alarmed for these things must come to pass. My coming is imminent. Yes, very soon indeed. You, My doves, I AM giving much peace for much will be needed. Fear not, for I have you in the palm of My hand. I will keep you from evil for you are the apple of My eye. But you must do your part. I will carry you. Oh, My little delicate children, please take no concern. This will be over soon enough. For there is nothing that can snatch you out of MY hand. No, nothing! So hold on and keep your faith. Set your eyes in your heart upon Me. If I AM with you, who can be against you. For I knew you before the creation of this world. Hold on, fear not, continue to show My love for Love never fails. I love you, My children. Take no fear for I AM with you. Your loving God, Yeshua ha Mashiach. I tell you the truth. "He who believes h