Monday, March 21, 2016

Winter weather slams Northeast during first week of Spring This was the first vision i had just like on the news there another snow storm coming .Cause I saw to vision be bless ALSO COME TO PASS ALREADY RUSSIA HAD A 6.6 RUSSIA WAS ONE OF THE PLACES IN THE WORD FROM GOD THIS JUST THE BRINGING UPDATED MARCH 22ND PROPHECY COME TO PASS THE LORD SAID THIS WOULD HAPPEN ITS IN ONE OF THE VIDEO ON PROPHETIC MANTLE -EXPLOSION @ A AIRPORT -- ANOTHER UPDATE PROPHECY COME TO PAST Massive Fish Kill In Western Australia 17,000 Dead Fish "Hosea Prophecy" UPDATED March 23rd 2nd snow storm the monster one came 12 states under a foot of snow and major high ways shut down cause of accidents like I saw in my dreams wow in Yah Jesus name.