Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Here is something that is true and we are seeing this and will more in Yah Jesus name

The "Arch of Baal,” later renamed “Arch of Triumph” in order to pacify the public, has been erected at Trafalgar Square in London for three days. Throughout the remainder of the year, this “arch” is to be placed in subsequent cities worldwide: New York and Dubai to name a few.

Now one simply cannot ignore the serious occultism and phallic symbolism that is involved with this “arch,” specifically WHERE it’s placed in London. Not to mention the TIMING of all this…

Here are some stunning, eerie, and quite disturbing symbolisms regarding this “arch”: 

1. It was said to be “destroyed” by “ISIS” (When We Know Better!) and “recreated” in London, and other cities worldwide… which is very reminiscent of the Phoenix “rising out of the ashes” symbolism (Just look at the back of your dollar bill, and the London 2012 Olympic games, and you’ll see what I mean…) — thereby suggesting the DESTRUCTION of the Old, and the RECREATION of the New.

2. It mocks the TRIUMPHAL ENTRY Of Our REAL Messiah YAHUSHUA

3. It mimics the REAL TRIUMPHAL ENTRY (As this “arch” will be displayed in other cities worldwide) 

4. It symbolizes the false triumphal entry of the Satanic New World Kingdom/One World Government

5. It lines up PERFECTLY with the London Bridge and London Eye (More occult symbolism)

6. It was erected on April 19th (of ALL days), just 13 days before the day of BEL-tane

7. It represents the BEGINNING of the birth pangs; the BEGINNING or PRELUDE/PRECURSOR to the New World Order

Now that the New World Order is coming into full effect, DO NOT be surprised WHEN you start to see more draconian laws pushed worldwide over the course of Time — laws including:

- Legalized pedophilia
- Legalized necromancy 
- Legalized pet, animal, and child marriage
- Legalized ANYTHING (Anything that’s wicked and abominable…)

ALSO: DO NOT be surprised to see upticks in volcanic activity, earthquakes, mass animal deaths, BIRTH PANGS... As we are seeing at a rapid pace!