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Wednesday, April 20, 2016


I've discovered that #freemasons #rape their #children, worship #demons, and #murder to eat human flesh. #America was founded by #freemasons, and I've discerned this country to be #BabylontheGreat. When I was exposing them on x-box one a #mason eerily confirmed my assumpions. Also they used their magic powers to lead me astray, but God made them bring me back to the word of God after I wrote a song with some of the lyrics being something like, "give it back, give it back to me; that which has been stolen from me." I sang this while thinking of a gold crucifix that had been stolen. This event also fulfills one of God's promises given to us through Moses. I was lost in idoltry, and was seeking my God that the accuser tried taking me from. This promise is found in Deuteronomy chapter 4. Durring this rebellion I also wrote a song about covering my body with powdered gold before discovering that America has 1/3 -2/3s of the world's known gold reserves. I also wrote a couple songs about nuclear bombs, and had a dream of a nuclear bomb falling on a local mountain. I'm also sensing a super virus that a lot of Americans have that the world doesn't know about that maybe similar to mad cow disease. Feel free to tell this to others. A lot of people I love are caught in satan's trap which is #freemasonry: an occult mystery religion that practices incestual rape, murder to eat human flesh, and demon worship. Right now they want to murder me becuse I'm a saint, and I know some of their secrets. I would also only trust God. I've told the cops before I knew. 

I went to a pastor, and saw mason symbols on the front plate of the church's van. Jesus is Lord and our God resurrected Him from the dead! My Living Lord God Almighty Jesus of Nazareth is the greatest there ever was, is, and will be; and I glorify the son to glorify the father. My teacher commands me to go in peace, own a sword, and to judge not while assuring I will not be judged if I obey him. I do not use my freedom to do evil, but to be the best I can be for my Lord Jesus. (Luke 6:31). Ephesians 5:11, Genesis 1:3, 2 Samuel 22:29 Oh, and they typically shut down comments on the comment section of the videos I post this on. President Obama is following me with his magic and goonies. He has harassed me, and is threatening my life because I'm a Christian Saint. I don't worry because my Living Lord God Almighty Jesus Christ of Nazareth wields the keys of death and hades. Everything my Lord Jesus said and says will happen. Obama is an occultist who is one with freemasonry as is just about everyone in office. Yes, the people in office, the teachers, cops, every one associated with freemasonry is a demon possessed wizard cannabal. Some of them have this look about them like they're picking their nose. Also the false prophet maybe among the occult. They're gearing up to kill us Christians and those they don't like amongst their ranks even. If I'm to die I will die for my Lord Jesus only! But hey = Joshua 10:25 Joshua said to them, "Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged. Be strong and courageous! This is what the Lord will do to all the enemies you are going to fight." I would also recommend memorizing the Song of Moses like I'm doing. It's found in Deuteronomy chapter 32. I kid you not, when I read it in public they squeal sometimes; and it drains them. 
They have also verbally threatened me in public, but I forgave them. I know they suffer. They try to confront me in public, but I don't care. They threaten me with their mason cops, therapist, and mobs, but I trust in the Holy Spirit. Essentially they've been breaking the law this whole time living in lala land as they sodomize their children like they were. They even use these children as bait to lure Saints and none members, but mercy. Its maddening. I go in peace, and they're planning something against me. Bad things are happening just look at the news. A reported +39% rise in +6 magnitude earthquakes in the deep even. Jesus is coming back. Demons know there is a GOD and they shudder. Oh there are rumors that maybe true of America buying thousands of guillotines, and #FEMA has been trying to spoke me. It will be a war against Saints and every Christian is a soldier of God. Everyone's death has been destined, the blood of the slain and the captives, the heads of the enemy leaders. Standing firm we gain life, and many will be called up. Its like they can use magic to discourage you, but go by the word of GOD. They can even enter dreams, astral project, and talk via the mind. I try to keep the word of GOD on my tongue always, it really helps. They are literally flashing images of guillotines in my mind. 2 Samuel 22:43 I beat them as fine as the dust of the earth; I pounded and trampled them like mud in the streets. They want to kill me soon because they do not want #Christians to know this. We're almost their, but I think it's when Israel gets destroyed and after a huge war that they start passing out the mark of the beast. We must be valiant, and prepare.

The homosexuals are making their attacks against the church. There has been pastors who married gays before it was legal, why make the pastors true to the cross do what is ill, detestable, and damning? The bible tells us not to fellowship with the sexually immoral, while not judging those outside the church. The quran says to kill none muslims, but the gays don't go squealing over to the muslim preist saying, "marry me, marry me!" Throw the sexually immoral brother to satan so that he may be saved on the day of judgment. The quran (a book of lies I hate like homosexuality [but not homosexuals; I don't hate them]) openly condemns homosexuality in a way that one would think punishment is coming soon, swift, and will be severe. It seems like a #muslim duty to kill gays when ever they find them. A news report of muslims killing gays is not uncommon; they blame the spread of it on the west. The homosexuals should ask muslim preists to marry them instead. Oh, and I think I saw a rhamphorhynchus (reported extinct pterodactyle) flying in the early evening sky. It had like a two foot tail with what looked like a diamond shape at the end of it. And I had another dream with the mountain the bomb dropped on, this time a giant in a space suit jumped on it with one foot and pointed accusingly not towards me, but to the far forward right of me. I hear whispers of America tasting