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Sunday, April 24, 2016



Even though I couldn’t even tell you which of the 54 African countries my ancestors are from. Why because they were all True Black Bronze Brown Israelites not African. Although they had to fleet to Africa they call the Mother Land for fear of being Killed by the Romans back then like many where. Africa became their new home. So this is where the falseness comes in. In our History, I wrote two History Books Called, This Is All About Black People Series one and then a Series Two On Also @ In those book's, I explain and teach and show and prove the lies we as blacks have been told all of our lives.. It is 
time the truth to be told.

God Yahuveh told me things will never really change the way it should be till his son is about to come back. This is when all blacks will realize who they are and make a new convent with him. This will happen after Jacob's Trouble where many blacks will be killed. Now getting back to our  family linage and ancestor. This is likely true for most black Americans whose ancestors were slaves, as slave-owners historically made sure that their workers lost ties to their homelands. The thousands of African ethnic group search with its own language and customs and heritage. Eventually merged to create a new culture. This has truly historically left me without a doubt of any SUCH emotional ties to Africa at all.
I know nothing about the continent and feel 100 percent Israelite decent and A Black American, but am still forced to label myself in relation to this foreign land. Called Africa that I have never seen in person or been there.  We as blacks have been made to feel bad about who we are and have been made to think a lie so the truth can be hidden from us. We are the only race that does know really who we are and our own heritage. Why? it was stolen from us and our land and birthright, and we will never get it back till YAHUSHUAS comes back. Also ,all who have excepted Yah no matter what color will share in the inheritance as well. This is written in the word of God the Bible. The black race has been so ashamed of them self-look at how the black woman wear fake hair, fake hair color especially Blonde hair color, perms, weaves, fake color lenses to change their eye color they bleach and lighten their skin. Yah hates this read Romans 1-26 Jeremiah 4 ,Det4-

They place makeup on to look more European, because we have heard all our life that they are the most beautiful of all. I was once one of those black woman. Until God came to me in a dream and I heard his voice speak to me and I learn the truth and came from among them. We as black woman strive to look like them to be excepted by this white world we live in. We as  the black woman of Yah have left out former state to receive a fake deceive one to satisfied the white world. As it says in (Romans 1-26 in the word of God ) This does not please Yah at all. I pray the Black Israelite descents woman wake up before it’s too late for them. The Black man has been so lost and place at the bottom of the poll. The white world has made The Black woman the head of the Black households and not our Black men like God intended it to be. It has brought much strife in the black family we have the highest abortions and divorce rates and One Parent single homes in the country in the world.
There is a saying it is dangerous to be in a black woman womb, even our black men don’t want us The 

Black woman hardy anymore. I am Not saying we cannot find love in another race. I am just saying many Black men don’t even want to be around the Black woman now a day. And this is the God honest truth. Look at the TV shows and commercial and magazine. They Place the Black man with a White woman way more than a Black man with a Black woman. So what is that saying to you Black Woman. You are losing our Black Men. We as Black Woman Have to change and go back to our First love. God Yahuveh before it’s too late and so should the black men as well. Also we as blacks are label as ghetto, impoverish, racist, uneducated, Baby Daddy and Momma drama, baby makers, not worth much, We have been called wasted life’s, don’t deserve to be here, a curse, gold digger, money hungry, Gang Banger, Drug Dealers, Drug user’s thief, and the  most unlikeable and unlovable. And  that is just a few of what is thought of us. Even when we go to Africa they don’t consider the 
Black Americans one of them to be truthful.

So then why must we as black American Israelite except being called African Americans when we are not and most have never stepped foot on the land as of yet.  God told me one day I would go to Africa to do ministry work. Then I can say I saw and stood on the Motherland. However why Should I except a label such as African American when I have not even born there and not even my Ancestor who were the True Israelites are from there. They just fleeted there to save their lives. So I say to you today I Rosalind Solomon I am a Black American Woman with Israelite blood flowing through me and that is what I will say from this moment on be bless in Yah Jesus name.