Thursday, April 7, 2016

Prophet James -- · I had PURPOSED to remain QUIET Today, and ALLOW the Other Prophetic VOICES to Speak the COUNSEL of God, but I was Just ARRESTED by the Spirit of the Lord, and COMMANDED to RELEASE this WORD to You: The THING that was Held BACK from You in the LAST Season of Your Life, is being RELEASED to You, in THIS Moment, in GREATER Measure than You were EXPECTING!!!! WOW!!!!! You will be Greatly RECOMPENSED, and REWARDED for Not QUITTING!!!!! This SEASON has been ORDAINED by God to RESTORE to His People, EVERYTHING that was LOST, STOLEN, UNCLAIMED, and Held BACK from Us!!!!!!! THIS time You DON'T have to Go AFTER it, it's ON it's Way to YOU!!!!! GLORY Hallelujah!!!!!!!!..