Wednesday, May 11, 2016

WHO IS THE BRIDE OF CHRIST? She is a Church that's walking in Righteousness and Holiness She is a Church that REBUKES SIN! She is a Church that is HEAVENLY FOCUSED! She is consumed with THE FEAR OF THE LORD! She does NOT preach the gospel of Earthly prosperity! She is not walking naked on the pulpit ! She dresses Holy, to HONOUR THE LORD She DOES NOT mix LIGHT with Darkness She preaches REPENTANCE, HOLINESS and RIGHTEOUSNESS She is flowing in the abundance of the NEW OIL AND WINE ANOINTING She is washing her garments in the blood of the LAMB She hears directly from the THRONE ROOM OF JEHOVAH Her Blind are receiving sight Her crippled are walking, Her deaf HEAR! She is seeing the MIGHTY REVIVAL OF THE LATTER ANOINTING The Bride of Christ is SEPARATED and living HOLY TO HONOUR THE LORD The Bride of Christ is a REMNANT CHURCH! She has been put through the FIRE Refined like SILVER and TESTED like GOLD The LORD is her GOD and she calls on HIS MIGHTY NAME She is wearing FINE LINEN, BRIGHT AND CLEAN! Friend, ARE YOU THE BRIDE OF CHRIST spoken of in Revelation 19:6-9? Are you the WISE BRIDE spoken of in Isaiah 26:19-20 Are you the WISE BRIDE spoken of in Matthew 25 ? Friend, if YOU FALL SHORT of THIS QUALIFICATION, REPENT TODAY: Say; “MIGHTY KING JESUS I have heard about the BRIDE OF CHRIST and I realize I fall SHORT LORD JESUS, today I REPENT OF ALL SIN And ask you, TO COME INTO MY HEART Disconnect Me LORD from Liberal Theology Disconnect Me LORD from this WICKED WORLD Help Me LORD, to WALK IN RIGHTEOUSNESS AND HOLINESS THROUGH REPENTANCE Mighty KING JESUS, TODAY, I RECIEVE YOU INTO MY LIFE Wash Me LORD, in the BLOOD OF THE LAMB And Write my NAME LORD, in your BOOK OF LIFE And Remember Me, as You Rapture your Bride From Today, I AM BORN AGAIN AMEN.” If you have prayed this prayer, MAY THE LORD SEPERATE YOU MAY THE LORD SEND YOU THE LATTER RAIN MAY THE LORD GUARD YOUR WAYS MAY THE LORD BLESS YOU WITH THE MIGHTY HOLY SPIRIT AND CARVE YOU OUT AS THE TRUE BRIDE OF CHRIST IN KING CHRIST JESUS NAME I PRAY IN Yahushua Jesus name REPENT NATIONS OF THE EARTH.