Sunday, May 15, 2016

Wow prophecy coming to pass from 2015 God said chase bank would go bankrupt first out of the big banks and after this many more will collapse i cannot believe it is coming to pass.we must pray and hard now it is begining about the banks and USA fall prayyyyyyyyyyyy in Yahushua Jesusname.

ALSO I GAVE YOU A PROPHECY LAST YEAR ON the group  Anonymous THAT THEY WOULD RISE AND CAUSE A GREAT  ISSUE FOR OUR NATION AND OTHER AND IN THE END THEY WOULD WAND UP GOING DOWN YOU SEE THEY HAVE BEGAN  WITH THE BANKING SYSTEM ATTACKING IT they are part of the plan to help the collapse don't be fooled by them the lord said in Yahushua Jesu sName.theyx  are going   to call  it domestic terrorists ---

Anonymous their actions  will be use to divide and conquer  this is all a set up to collapse USA  AND A civil war they hitting usa in all ways to begin this one way or another.