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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Prophetic Word for July 2016! From a True Prophet of God for the Month of July 2016

He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters, he refreshes my soul. He guides me along the right paths for his name’s sake. -Psalm 23:2-3
July is a season of supernatural rest. Now is the time to soak up the Son. It is time to position yourself and let the Lord re-charge your batteries. In this season the Lord is giving you creative ways to release your stress. In this season the Lord is strengthening marriages. It is a time to get away from your current environment and enjoy yourselves in the Lord. I will do in days of rest what would have taken months. It is time to stop striving. Let the Lord fight for you. Let the Lord handle it. His Spirit is going before you. His Spirit is blowing a fresh breeze upon you. Enjoy the presence of the Lord. Enjoy your family. Let the Lord quiet your soul.Like a sailboat in a bay, the Lord is blowing into your sails. He is taking you out of the bay of your comfort zone out into the deep. As we transition into August a new beginning awaits. New assignments, anointing, and alliances are being released. You must rest in July so you can be ready for that which He calls you to do in August, September and October.In this season it is so important to not compare yourself to other are coming into a season where certain doors, certain relationships, certain ministry and business opportunities will come to an end. Don’t fight those things that come to an end. You are done with that season of your life. It will harm you if you keep prolonging that which you know the Lord has called you to put an end to.the Lord says that the doors that are closing are because the Lord has bigger and wider doors His Spirit is leading you through. You won’t have to fight to get through these doors. There will be an ease to the transition that the Lord brings.Things are going to fall into place because your steps are truly ordered by the Lord.  Certain relationships will come to an end because those people always see you as someone who is in training. While your season of training may not be complete, with certain individuals it is. You may have outgrown some of those mentoring you and speaking into your life. Some of these people are jealous of you and have a hidden agenda. Guard your heart. It is a season to choose your words carefully. Death and life are in the power of the tongue.The words you are speaking are creating your future.certain ministries and business opportunities are coming to an end. You may have outgrown your region. You may have outgrown that church, Pastor. It may be time to retire, business owner. Listen to the Holy Spirit. Pray and fast. Don’t move until you are 100% certain that you have heard from Heaven. For many of you this is a word of confirmation. Now that you have your confirmation put away your fleece and obey the Lord.