Tuesday, June 21, 2016

A Word For You Today by Joel Yount In a recent vision I saw an elevator with people entering in at ground level. The faces of the people looked tired and weary as if they had been fighting a battle. All of a sudden the elevator doors closed. It seemed to take forever just for the elevator to move. There would be times when it would begin to move and then stop only to remain at a standstill for even longer. Then, suddenly the elevator began moving at an accelerated speed going all the way to the top floor! The Lord is showing me this vision right now because he wants you to know no matter how long your dry season in your life has been going on He is stepping in now and taking you to your destination! Just like the sudden acceleration of the elevator to the top floor, God is bringing you to a place of acceleration in your life. For some of you that may involve answered prayers for your children, a promotion at your job, debt cancellation, healing from sickness, or a restored marriage.