Wednesday, July 13, 2016

PROPHECY COME TO PASS THE LORD GAVE THIS MINISTRY A WORD WATCH THE SKYS FOR SIGNS AND ALSO SOME WONDERS .Acts 2:19 – 19 And I will show wonders in heaven above, and tokens in the earth beneath, blood, and fire, and the vapors of smoke

Signs of the end times are appearing all over the Earth; but the wonders are seen in the heavens. The clouds showcase that portals are being opened and the effects that geoengineering has on the sky. However, there is even more showcased in these clouds.
Rare cloud formations known as phenomena are happening almost on a weekly basis. Some of these cloud formations have not been seen in nearly sixty years; yet they show up in two places at once nowadays. The flooding, the storms, the wild weather, all of this is a sign of things to come because mankind will not listen to the warnings.

Also event happen again here on July 13th third time between July 11th to July 17thh 

BREAKING: "Mass Power Outage Delays NYC Subways Trains"