Tuesday, July 5, 2016


This word is for those in the HEAT of the BATTLE right NOW
BATTLE CRY! ARISE! AWAKEN! GO FORTH! This is the CALL of the Army of the Lord! None other REIGNS HIGH so NONE OTHER REIGNS!
‘WHO is like our God?’ you say, but then you lay aside your armaments and instruments of battle! PICK UP the PIECES and MOVE OUT! says the Lord.
You are discouraged because the alignments you thought you would have do not seem to be aligning! Well, I say to you – I AM ALIGNING strategically for the battle ahead and you will be given your divine assignment! STAY the COURSE and LISTEN! Here is your WORD of the LORD of HOSTS –
Angelic beings all around you are coursing out the pattern of strategy for your assignment! THIS is HAPPENING right under your nose! Can you not see it?
I say, PEACE comes to you in the KNOWING of this – I WILL NOT FAIL TO USE YOU IN YOUR DUE TIME and in your PROPER PLACEMENT OF ALIGNMENT! Take HEART, My Soldiers! Prepare to LAUNCH OUT! T minus ZERO and counting!
(note: I had to look up the definition for T minus time because I did not think I fully understood since the word given was ZERO. Here is what I found in thefreedictionary.com 1. The counting backward aloud from an arbitrary starting number to indicate the time remaining for an event or operation, such as the launching of a missile or space vehicle. 2. The checks and preparations carried out during this activity.) The word is clear. IT is TIME.
Take Heart, Soldiers! The Lord Himself encourages us!