Monday, August 15, 2016

GOD GAVE ME THIS VERY SAME PROPHECY BEFORE ON AUGUST 15TH HE HAS GIVEN IT AGAIN--Prophetic Word August 15th prophetical word I learn from Yahuveh-- A huge great flood coming to Mexico soon AND SOME PARTS OF TEXAS AS WELL .Also Forrest fire coming to another state in USA and aboard.Theses things are judgement Yahushua said. There will be server up rise in the country Nations of Africa .they will begin to go against each other different ethic groups .like a North against South kind of thing.So pray over this prophecy for God to intervene and they repent.

Hatti will have another Earthquake the lord said again and one will hit here in USA soon as well.A well know man in Ministry will past away soon very soon Yah said .He did not say his name .He just said intercede that he will repent so he can make it to heaven. Because  when his time comes which is soon he will be in fire if no repentance in me said the lord. Also a Famous Movie star will pass on incoming time the lord said the lord whenFrom Yahushua in Yahushua name  to Apostle Rosalind Solomon