Saturday, October 1, 2016

Angels being dispatched in rapid fire and sent to the Lord's children. Each one has a gift of healing, of joy, and of great deliverance! One by one they come with golden scrolls and vials in their hands! Each one will be be poured over the heads of and declared over God's children! This is the day the Lord sends wonderful gifts to His children! Hallelujah to the King! The time has come for fulfillment! FROM PROPHETESS kATHY

2-A word FROM THE LORD. The time has come to lay all worry aside, and not pick it up again. Let the rivers of cleansing wash it away, and joy bubble up from within! Let the rivers of gladness now flow where waters were once bitter and stagnant. Let the joy of the Lord be heard in the praise on the lips of His children! Let the beloved sing of freedom now, instead of despair and heartache! This is the dawning day of the Lord, and He sings over you with gladness! This is the day of His strong arm, and He comes to you with deliverance!

3-A word from the Lord. You are the child that I take delight in. You don't know it yet, because you have known only rejection. This is what I say to you, I have always taken delight in you. The enemy has been very jealous of you, and that is why he has pummeled you. From this day forward I promise you, I will make it up to you! There will no unclean thing come to you, for My angels will take charge of you. There will be a deep well opened up for you, and cool refreshing will be poured upon you. I will see to it that you understand, that there be nothing left of the hurt you leave behind. You are the child I take delight in, for in all your pain, you have been shaped by My own hand.