Sunday, October 9, 2016


My ways in your life are seen and evident by many and those that stand upon the words you bring from Me are ones who desire My presence. Continue to share My words of encouragement for those around you to hold onto, to stand upon, to fortify themselves and strengthen their hearts… that I am here for them… that I see them and know their name…. that I am aware of their situations and circumstances that are beyond their control. I know these things and more My children of the world, for I see all, know all and understand their motivations.
Hold fast to Me now My loves. Stand strong and near Me at this time… strengthening yourselves upon My promises that are forthcoming into your life. Children listen to what I say to you this day: stand strong in My love for you and know that I have never left your side. NO, not even for a minute and I will continue to fight the battle on your behalf.
Let My words of strength encompass about you at this time for they shall bring you comfort, peace and joy. My heart is for you My loves and these last steps shall be the hardest to take. Continue forward My loves, the end is near.