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Monday, October 31, 2016

” I have set My hand on you and called you to speak. Though you don't know it yet, I have anointed you, and everyone will be drawn to you, to hear what you will say. I have set My mark on you, and everyone will see. It will be as protection for you, and none will get in your way. I will send you deep into the enemy's camp, and into the darkness you will speak. And all around you a light will shine, and the lost will be drawn to it. They will receive your words as a man who starves receives meat. They will come to you in a steady stream, and beg you to help them meet Me. Now you begin to see why your training was so humbling. You will walk as an angel walks, full of My message for the weak. I require from you full integrity, and you will keep your eyes on Me. There will be no pride in your heart, no desire for any Earthly things. You are my Beloved, and with you I am well pleased. Because you yield all of your life to me, through you I will do powerful, wonderful things!”
You have been tempted to feel responsible for this, but I tell you, I have done this in your life, for it is My will! You have a particular road ahead, and you must walk it with Me. Not them. I have removed them from your life. It is not your doing, and not your fault, as the enemy would have you believe. Find comfort in My presence in My calling for you. I am less than a heartbeat away from you, and you can choose how you see this situation you are in. You can praise My name, and be in fellowship with Me, or you can keep hurting and ignore Me. I have taken the pain from you, and as you choose to be free of it, it will leave you. But you must choose. I am offering My comfort to you, and as you choose My will over your own, it will come to you. As you receive Me, you will be as I choose, and as you receive My will in you, you will be as you choose!
Some time ago you received a promise from Me. But as you stand, waiting to receive, you see the same old things. Yet you have faithfully chosen to believe Me. This is what I say to you. In your faithfulness I will come to you. You will see that your tormentors are gone, for I have caused them to flee from you. You will turn, and in an instant be free, and healed. You will know that as you have believed, so have you received. Years ago you began to seek your freedom from these things. From the beginning I knew you would need set free, and although you did not see, I sent your answer way before you knew you had need. I have taught you to believe, for this is how you are to walk by faith, and receive. It is My faithfulness that you have been learning, and it is My faithfulness that you will now see!
I will call to you while are in your bed, and you will learn to hear Me. I will call to you as you lay down to rest, and you will be comforted by Me. You have cried out to Me in brokenness and frustration, wanting to know My voice. You search for My presence as though it were a tangible thing, reaching out your hands to Me. I long to teach you to walk with Me, to hear My voice, and live as one seeing and hearing. This oneness is intimacy, and not a moment here and there with Me. It is not a call to prayer in certain moments of your day. It is a closeness with me that you live, and breathe. It is the place you are called to be. I have sent My Spirit to dwell in you as a promise of this. So this is what I say to you, you who will listen, and submit. It is I who placed in you the knowledge of My presence. It is my gift to you, this deep desire to hear. It is My intention to bring you into My presence, and as I called your name, you heard. This yearning in your heart is My calling to you, and it is also your answer!