1. Hear me clearly, I declare you as my year of wealthy place
2. Oh Heavens of my testimonies, without delay, open in Yahushua Jesus’ Name
3. In 2016, I declare and decree my testimonies shall break records in Yahushua Jesus’ Name
4. Every Altar raised against my rising, I command you to respond to destruction in Yahushua Jesus’ Name
5. O God of Elijah, arise and release my rain of miracles in Yahushua Jesus’ Name
6. Oh you garment of shame attached without mercy to my destiny, today, I command you to catch fire
7. Oh you wind of help, In 2016, blow upon my destiny in Yahushua Jesus’ Name
8. Thou God of Elijah, arise and release my Rain of miracles inYahushua  Jesus’ Name
9. Oh my Rain of testimonies! Oh my rain of testimonies, without delay, fall in Yahushua Jesus Name
10. Every door of sorrow, opened to torment my destiny, I command by fire, Close!
11. Oh my destiny, arise without delay and enter into your glory in Yahushua Jesus Name
12. 2016, Arise and hear me, you will not swallow my victory in Yahushua  Jesus Name
13. Every chain of Reproach attached against my life, I command, Break inYahushua  Jesus Name
14. 2016, I command you are my wealthy place, I command, Change by Fire
15. Oh living God, I declare in 2016, I shall not miss my place in Yahushua Jesus Name
16. Every written & spoken instruction of the evil coven against my destiny, scatter in Yahushua Jesus Name
17. In 2016, I declare by fire, I will not miss my place in Glory
18. In 2016, In the name of Jesus, the water of life will not swallow me
19. Every strange battle with a strong determination to terminate my destiny in 2016, I declare your end
20. Battles of the dream assigned against my rising in destiny, scatter by fire
21. In 2016, I declare by fire, my story will end in testimonies
22. It doesn’t matter what I am going through or what has been said against me in destiny, it is a must I will not miss it in Yahushua Jesus Name