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Thursday, November 3, 2016

.PROPHETIC WORD FOR THE TRUE TRUE 12 TRIBES AND THEY ARE NOT IN ISRAEL- THEY ARE SCATTER AMONG THE NATIONS WORLD WIDE THE BRONZE PEOPLE SAME COLOR AS YAHUVEH IN YAH JESUS NAME----- AND THE GENTILES WHO EXCEPT HIM .THIS IS WHO DADDY TALKING TO. - ---AN AWAKENING CALL” (September/October 2016- The month of ELUL) Written by: Carla (Devorah) ISIAIAH 66:7-9 “Before she was in labor, she gave birth; Before her pain came, She delivered a male child. Who has heard such a thing? Who has seen such things? Shall the earth be made to give birth in one day? Or shall a nation be born at once? For as soon as Zion was in labor, She gave birth to her children. Shall I bring to the time of birth, and not cause delivery?” says YHWH. “Shall I who cause delivery shut up the womb?” says your ‘ELOHIM.


PROPHETIC WORD- AN AWAKENING CALL” (September/October 2016- The month of ELUL) Written by: Carla Louis (Devorah) I SPEAK FORTH THIS WORD UNDER THE INSTRUCTION OF THE MOST HIGH ‘ELOHIM WHOSE NAME IS YHWH ‘EL OF ABRAHAM, ISAAC & JACOB ‘EL OF YISRA'EL HE has instructed me to speak and to write these WORDS. These WORDS are directed to HIS people Israel, NATURAL BORN, descendants of ALL TWELVE TRIBES scattered in foreign lands throughout the four corners of the earth. I say NATURAL BORN because it is YOU He has specifically told me to address. Though you are unaware of your true identity & nationality, He will reveal it to you… Yet He has already, for you know who you are in your hearts…. 

YOU ARE THE SEED OF ISRAEL Bear in mind- this awakening call is not for a Church, Religious Organization, Denomination or Movement… but a ‘NATION OF PEOPLE’ These WORDS will vex, anger and offend many of you who will hear and read them. He has already warned me of this. Nevertheless, I am instructed to speak FEARLESSLY and BOLDLY what He has shown me. THUS SAYS YHWH ELOHIM TO THE TWELVE TRIBES OF YISRA’EL SCATTERED ABROAD: WAKE UP!!! ARISE!! FOR IT IS TIME!! IT IS TIME YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!! THOUGH I HAVE CAUSED THE MEMORY OF YOU AS A NATION TO CEASE…. AND YOUR IDENTITY TO BE BLOTTED OUT AND ERASED FROM 
MANKIND, YET AM I AWAKENING YOU, FOR IT IS TIME!! It is time you know and understand who you are… what your forefathers did that caused your exile in the nations; How they disobeyed my laws, statutes and commandments. How they angered me, sinned against me, defiling themselves and the LAND I gave to them as an inheritance. How they profaned MY NAME and worshipped idols made of stone and wood- gods I never showed them. How they bowed their knees to them, sacrificed their sons to them, shedding the blood of my innocent ones… THEY PROVOKED ME TO ANGER!!! THEY MOVED ME TO JEALOUSY!!! So I removed them from THE LAND of their inheritance… the land of Promise I scattered them into the nations among the gentiles, in the four corners of the earth where YOU dwell. You got there by ships- you got there by way of the seas EAST, WEST, NORTH, SOUTH….. I have scattered you, as I said I would; I have cursed you, as I said I would, because your fathers did not obey my commands. They chose curses and death over blessings and life. Neither do you obey!!….. It is time you know and understand these things that I have done and… REPENT!! Repent for your fathers, repent for yourselves… Here is 

MY TESTIMONY against your fathers, MY WITNESS I have preserved for you… A SONG I told my servant Moses to write and teach your fathers. Though you were in their loins- yet you heard! A SONG for them, A SONG for you So that you would know what they did and understand what I have done. They broke covenant with me, although I was their Rock Their Husband Their Maker They moved me to jealousy with their idols…… So do I move you to jealousy with a people “not a people” A people I have concealed, yet revealed, They are hidden and covered over like the moon hides the sun in an eclipse. A people whom I have caused to believe are you, though they are not… as they are of another house, another tent, another nation- So as to make you jealous, like your fathers made me jealous. Therefore have I put them in your place and in your land. I have allowed them to dwell in 

YOUR tents… YES…. KNOW THAT IT IS I WHO HAS DONE THIS THING, AS I SAID I WOULD… To make you jealous, like I told my servant Moses to write in the SONG So that you would know, so that you would understand. Yet will I give to this people, peace and blessings- as I have promised… though among them are those of the synagogue of satan- whom I will destroy. I am provoking you to anger… just as your fathers did to me with their vain, empty, foolish idols! I am provoking you with a “foolish people”…. people of the nations…. gentiles For they have angered you and they do anger you… Yet have I given them an opportunity to turn to me… to be my people, as you are. To walk in obedience to my laws, statutes and commandments- because your falling away has opened the door of Salvation to them. But the time has come for your RESTORATION; For you to return to me- and for me to receive you unto Myself as MY PEOPLE…. For in your restoration, is the fulness of the EARTH… the realignment of the COSMOS and the UNIVERSE!! IT IS LIFE FROM THE DEAD !!!!…
 Have you not heard that all creation groans and travails for your manifestation as a NATION?… as a PEOPLE? Do you not know these things? IT IS TIME TO COME FORTH OH YISRA’EL! IT IS TIME FOR YOUR BIRTH! REPENT AND RETURN TO ME, RETURN TO MY TORAH, MY INSTRUCTIONS, MY COMMANDMENTS! PRAY TOWARDS THE LAND AND THE CITY FROM WHENCE YOU CAME… and I would restore unto you all that I have promised when I shall bring you back into YOUR OWN LAND The land of your inheritance which I gave to your fathers. Then will you know that I have performed what I have spoken… Not for your sakes, but for MY HOLY NAME’S SAKE… and for the sake of the covenant I made with my servant Abraham. WAKE UP, REPENT & PREPARE FOR MY KINGDOM IS NEAR…