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Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Daily Prophetic Word


The Father says, “You are standing up straight even when you feel like you may have fallen over. Find a new level of strength entering your soul and the weariness leaving. You are picking up your mighty sword and charging the land. What was holding you back will be under your feet. The darts and daggers sent to undermine your progress will fall to the ground. Those that have ill-will towards you will disappear into the background with no more voice to speak against you with.

Those that constantly try to fill your day with negativity and their own opinions, will fall by the wayside. You won’t even remember all that has come against you from these past seasons. You will walk out of today more healed than you could ever imagine. Even the stubborn wounds will leave your heart and mind. People may try to remind you, but it will not be reabsorbed once more. What is taken out will not be part of your viewpoint any longer.

Your clarity and understanding into what has been will be razor sharp. You will see what the enemy has meant for harm and how this has worked out as a blessing unto you. All things will work out for your good if you will just give it over to Me and decide not to pick back up again. Remember that I Am doing a new work in you, as well as, those around you. Some will take longer to move into the place that I desire. Be patient and wait on Me to come through.

You will have the spoils of wars in your hands. Do not move on in your own power and strength, for you will not receive what I have been setting you up for. I have better than what you could seek in the moment. I know what is fully owed to you, even aspects you never thought to consider throughout your days. A new alignment with people near and far from you is coming. You will fit perfectly like the finest orchestra. You will be amazed by what I have for you. Never give up! I will come through always!”


The Father says, “I Am washing your feet this day. The alabaster box of your life is before Me. It has such a sweet fragrance and beauty. What you see as less than perfect is made into perfection because of the Cross. I find you worthy of it all. My Kingdom will not pass away. You are transitioning from one place to the next. Always see yourself in this state for this too shall pass.

The enemy knows his time is finite. Do not allow this moment to take you out of the race towards the prize beyond imagining. What you are going through is what will make you into the vessel to carry out your full destiny. Your foundation is becoming solid and level. Your walls are being fortified with what is good and righteous. What you experience will be used directly in where I send you.

Keep your eyes on where I Am sending you and what you are learning in this moment. Little by little things are coming together and before you know it, you will be in a different mindset full of dreams realized. Many are thinking their hands are empty but they have not stopped long enough to see that they are full. When you have come to the end of your own ability, you will find Me there waiting to do it all above what you have asked for.

I love you! Are you truly accepting My unconditional love and acceptance or have you pushed it off in reality? I chose to create you knowing full well who you would become. I see unlimited potential before Me. I do not see the hang ups that you so often pay attention to. Those are not obstacles unless you allow them to stop your destiny. I drew the blueprint of your life with abundance and not lack. Find that a fresh wind has come over you to give you the desire to grab a hold of what I desire for you. You are going higher!”