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Saturday, April 1, 2017


 Mar 31, 2017
God's Word is as important as God! April 2017- we have entered a new financial year. James:5:17-18 says "Elijah was a man subject to like passions as we are, and he prayed earnestly that it might not rain; and it rained not on the earth by the space of three years and six months. And he prayed again, and the heaven gave rain, and the earth brought forth her fruit." Prophet Sujith is saying to the children of God, that through this Word the Holy Spirit will speak to your personal life, your family & your children. Those who understand, God will rise on your behalf, will receive 30, 60, or 100fold of harvest or fruits. This verse shows that Elijah was a man same like us. You may have heard many prophets say you have a calling as Elijah or Elisha or you have a great prophetic, or preacher's or apostolic calling etc... Those who are used by God, He is telling those who have heard they have a calling like Elijah or those who are called like Elisha to receive double portion must understand what & who is Elijah or Elisha? In book of James it says Elijah was a man like us. What is Elijah? Who is Elijah? In 1 kings 17 we read about Elijah that he was a Tishbite. He said to King Ahab there shall not be dew nor rain these years but according to my Word. James tells us about Elijah that he prayed not dew nor rain to fall. According to your calling your prayer life should increase. May be you pray half hour, one hour or three hours. It's good to keep a time limit in the beginning but your relationship with God is not ending with three hours. Just in one day your relationship with God won't end. Those who fast 3days, 7days, 21days & 40days. Yes Bible says u must fast. Without fasting
& praying some things don't change. Prayer is a relationship with God. That prayer cannot end in 3 hours. You must have a personal prayer time. But even if you are traveling in a bus, train or airplane your God is with you. Your journey must turn into prayer. In New Testament when the Lord was on the mount of transfiguration Moses & Elijah appeared with Jesus. What is so special about them? Elijah was bold to speak in the palace that until he say no dew nor rain will fall. In 1 kings, chapter 17 God spoke to him, you must drink of cherith brook and I have commanded the ravens to feed you there. If you are to be used by God, don't question God. Elijah never asked God, till this day has any raven fed a human. Look at Joseph who dreamed in his 17th Year & until he was 29 years the dream was not fulfilled. But Joseph never spoke against God. Bible says after 13 years of waiting the dream came to pass. If you want to see promises fulfilled in your life you must totally trust in God and He will never put you to shame. Elijah depended totally in God. When the water brook dried God said to Elijah to go to Sarafat. "I have commanded a widow to feed u". Elijah later asked the widow for some water & bread. The widow replied she had only very little oil & flour which she wanted to make a bread & eat with her son before they die. Elijah asked her to do as he said first and she obeyed & her situation changed. If you believe you have such a calling anointed men & women whatever God says, believe without doubting. Those who believe will obey God's voice. April 2017 Holy Spirit is speaking to you through this prophetic word. Faith + obedience = miracle. To see your promises fulfilled without delay you must believe in God. The -ve thoughts coming out of your mind you must control by your spirit within. Then the Holy Spirit will pour out an overflowing anointing upon you. Some parents and children who are listening to me God is going to send an overflowing blessing. A Sister named Jessy who is working in Saudi Arabia as a nurse, Holy Spirit is going to do somethings. In your life things which were closed personally & in your home what was closed Holy Spirit is going to open. In 3 months time in your job & in your family God will do a big work. In the life of your son, God's hand will be revealed. A work of God will give answers to all your questions. Some burdened with sickness are watching me. The healing by His stripes the 39 lashes which he took is for your healing. That power will manifest in your body in the name of Jesus! Some of you have not seen miracles yet, but only have heard. Promises have not come to pass, you have only heard of it. Spirit of God says, the voice, you have heard through my servants. Like Abram when he obeyed God's voice his name was changed to Abraham. According to the promises you have heard if you are willing to walk in obedience, in some days itself the Spirit of God is going to do something special in your families. Elijah was a man like us. When he prayed there was rain again & the Land became fruitful. Holy Spirit desires to do the same in your family life & in your home. As the prophet concluded his message with prayer Holy Spirit also revealed that God is moving in some people's life concerning processing paper work to Ca