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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Prophetic Word for THIS season From a fellow prophet april 1 2017

Your joy shall be your strength. In the times you feel you are too tired to continue, my joy will strengthen you. In the times when you feel you have lost your way and cannot continue, my joy will sustain you and give you perspective. For in this world of troubles and hardships, know you are joined with me in the joy of our fellowship together. So when you are tired, when you feel you cannot continue, when you feel you have lost your way, come to me and drink of my joy. For it will do your heart good and will restore your soul.

And though you feel you have no answer, no remedy to alleviate your pain, though you feel you have no hope to correct the mistakes of your past, though you feel your strength, intelligence, and power is too small, too weak, too inadequate, open your heart to me and I will grant you perspective to see. For in seeing, knowing, and understanding your heart will be made alive again, and you will be able to continue and will not lose heart.
For your perspective is not like my perspective. And your experience in this world is entirely different. So abide with me in my presence, casting your cares, sorrows, hurts, and fears to the side. Abide with me and enjoy the union of our fellowship together and drink deeply from the fountain of the joy I have for you.

For my joy will renew you. My joy will protect you. My joy will open your heart and mind to receive all I have for you today, as well as tomorrow. My joy will mend the broken pieces. My joy will enlarge your vision. My joy will inspire your heart and allow you to receive all I have for you, without becoming jaded or cynical.

I see your limits, and I see your need. I see your situation and I know the cost of where you are. So open yourself up to my joy and allow me to flood your heart, your mind, and your circumstances with the fulness of the joy I have for you. Allow me to wipe away the tears, to mend the hurts in your heart, to acknowledge and restore the broken dreams and disappointments. For as you drink from my joy all these things will be made new again. And your heart will be reformed, renewed, and restored.
You will be like new again, like when you were a child. For the joy of my nature will overwhelm you and cause you to forget the damage you’ve experienced. For my joy is no small thing. My joy is not weak. My joy is not small. My joy is not ineffective. So swim in the rivers of my joy over you. Recreate in the freedom and liberty of my joy over you. Let your heart dream and roam freely in the vast joy I have for you.ilove you