Sunday, May 28, 2017

A Prophetic Word Relieve And Release Memory wipe away of Bad stuff in YAH JESUS NAME MAY 28 TTH 2017

GOD is healing all who have been shame and mistreated and mishandle and disgrace.Meaning BY demons and satan and folks he HAS been using against you.THIS Will now change, no more fear shame and guilt .New season coming in a few days he will wipe your memory away of all the bad things you had to go through .he will wipe it clean you wont even remember it.Also children wayward ones who left God or he has never know God are coming back to him then you all you saints of God parents..This is because of your long sweet prayers are going to finally be answer says God and this is  why you really need to pray and cover them with Yah blood and comfort covers of prayers says Yah Jesus name