Saturday, May 13, 2017


Debates rarely (if ever) change hearts.

Love changes hearts.

If you want to see change, love people, don't argue with them.

Think about it...

... when was the last time you argued with someone and they later came about and said something like "thanks for arguing with me and pointing out how wrong I was."

It almost makes you laugh to even read those words because it's so ridiculous.

Now think about this...

... when was the last time you just loved somebody, right where they are - mistakes/faults/defects and all - and over time you began to see them warm up to you?

It's that unspoken influence we have when we just accept people the way they are without trying to "fix" them, "help" them, or "enlighten" them.

Not so easy to do sometimes!

I know!

But, the rewards in doing so are big - very big.

By loving people and accepting them just the way they are, right where they are right now, it communicates to them how valuable they are, how precious they are.

It says to them, "You matter."
"You are important."
"You are worthy."

This is what changes lives, changes hearts.

Not arguing.

Loving changes people.

If you want to see change, try loving people, not nagging, debating, or bullying people - just love them.

Who should you start with?

Why not start with the person you see in the mirror and start loving that person and accepting them, honoring them, respecting them.

The next person you should practice this with is those you meet daily - aha! of course!

But seriously, it will take some adjustment if you're not accustomed to doing this.

Rather than jump out and engaging in your previous habits, take a second to slow down, and just start loving people.

Don't argue with them - just love them, right where they are.