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Thursday, June 15, 2017


Realms Of Greater Knowledge, Revelation, Possession, Expression And Manifestation  

And now you will begin to move beyond the realms in which you are able to contribute, or influence.  I am moving your thoughts past the realms of authoring, and opening your capacity to flow within me, to the degree I have not revealed to you previously.  And though this is a scary thought to understand, know this is precisely what I have awakened within you and even prepared you for years ago.  I have planted the seeds of knowledge and acceptance of my leadership and inspiration in your life, and have done so not only deliberately, but also effectively.
Look back on your life and consider where you have come from.  Consider where you are going, and the direction in which I have set you upon.  I have moved you in new realms, and moved you out of old realms.  I have collected my thoughts and have compressed them within you.  And in doing so, you have done your best to receive them without scrutiny.  
And while receiving me, my words, my thoughts, and my sentiments without scrutiny was noble, for you embraced all I had for you without hindrance, allowing yourself to grow very far, very rapidly, doing so also bypassed the valuable understanding also intended for you.  So walk with me now, as I revisit some of these notions you hold, and highlight key concepts in which I will begin to illuminate and bring into greater dissection and understanding.
There is much revelation in store for you, and much of it will come as we walk together slowly, through the details of what has been previously skipped over rapidly.  I will grant you what seems to have been missing, not by adding to your spectrum, but by drawing your attention to the skills, tools, knowledge, experience, and resources given you already.  And in this new understanding you will see the old from a new perspective, and in doing so, will begin to understand you already possess all you need.
For I am speaking to you this day and inspiring you to move in new ways and in directions.  So do not attempt to model yourself after yesterday, for today's ideas and innovations will not be able to survive or thrive in the environment of yesterday.
Remain flexible, for in this moment I am breaking forth innovation.  And with this innovation will also come all the results associated with it.  So do not shrink back, even though you want to remain safe.  For there is a very real call to move beyond the boundaries of what has been labeled as "safe", and to move into the realms of question, and chaos.  
In the environment of innovation you will experience me without limit.  In this environment you will gather the experiences and expressions necessary for you to grow past your limits of yesterday, as you engage with me in what is fresh and new.  You will engage with me in what I am saying in this hour, rather than reverting to manna from days past.  You will engage with me in what I am doing in this hour, and will not attempt to resurrect or preserve that which has already expired.
 I will flood your being with more than you can contain, and more than you can imagine.  I will inspire you to move beyond the constructs you presently understand, and begin to operate and engage with me by faith, in the realms of what is unseen.   And though this will scare you initially, because it is foreign to you and you are unfamiliar with it, do not allow this to inhibit you, for I have broken the molds and forms of yesterday, that have already served their purpose. I am taking you deeper.  I am taking your further.  I am taking you past the realms of explanation  into the realms without explanation.    
So with this, you will be required to adopt the involvement of my inspiration in your life, rather than continue to repress it.  For I am speaking to you, moving within your heart, as you have just begun to hear me.  You have begun to hear my voice, and see my hand, and now you are beginning to accept what I am saying, even though you do not understand it fully in this present moment.
But as I move you in to these new seasons embrace what I have made available to you.  Do not return to previous ways of thinking, being, or doing for I am moving you past these things into realms of greater experience, knowledge, revelation, possession, expression and manifestation. IN YAH JESUIS NAME