Saturday, September 16, 2017


Here are THREE new books I have been working on
THE CHRISTMAS DECEPTION IT is a 85 page book it is paper back only and the cost of book is 16.99 and 6.50 shipping and handling . You can tell and or give to family to read .Once they do read this book they will never do Christmas again
2nd Book
Chanok Enoch missing from the bible book .He also talk with the Luminaries and they also show him things as well as the Arch Angles of God did. It is 216 pages and it is in hard back only it is 26.99 plus 6.50 shipping and handling.
3rd book
Heavens Abundance Prayer Book
The book has 42 pages in it and it is paper back book only and the cost of the book is 11.99 plus 5.50 shipping and handling .The book has financial prayers in it for all arenas of life.It has prayers I myself have been using sometimes in the last 2-3 years .I pray them when aim in need and God does always do it for me and children and other that I pray theses prayer for .
You can only get theses three books through me .You can buy or donate of course donation must be amount of book or better plus include shipping and handling price of each book.

You can go to

Be Bless Saints love ya ll Apostle Rosalind Solomon