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Saturday, May 12, 2018


If you discover that there was no one to cover your nakedness, it means the enemy has been mandated  to expose and frustrate you in your marriage, business, ministry. If the cloth you put on is partly showing your nakedness , it shows that the devil has stolen your glory. Nakedness in the dream is bad. But inability to cover your nakedness, it shows that you have been programmed to be helpless in life. If you are a woman and people are seeing your nakedness, it shows that strange eyes have defiled your body and makes you worthless in the eyes of men.  The reason there was no one to cover your nakedness in the dream is because of your sins and mistake of your past. When a man is naked in the dream, he will lose his glory as a man in his home.  

Family Marriage Body Husband or Wife Financial life Business Way of life   SOURCES OF NAKEDNESS The Bible makes us to understand that nakedness can come from God. It can come from Satan, and can also come from man. Nakedness can come from false satanic judgment. The devil can judge a person and declare him guilty even when he is not, in order to put him to shame. Unless this kind of thing is properly dealt with, i
t can bring a person down. So, shame can devour the labor of a person. This powerful emotion called shame is a great weapon in the hand of the enemy and he likes to use it on people and places. The terrible thing about it is that it hits people from the inside and destroys them internally. It could eat away the strength of the confidence of a person. It can disable and amputate a person completely and make him ineffective in the service of the Lord. To be mighty in faith and in the Holy Spirit, you must confront the spirit of shame and defeat it.


 Poor foundation Sin Disobedience Smoking Stealing Fornication Abortion Bad company Stubbornness Rebellions  Related article: Dream about nakedness GENERAL SYMPTOMS OF NAKEDNESS IN THE DREAM It exposes one’s to satanic attacks Your helpers will not remember to help you It brings about lost of glory It makes your sins to find you out It brings you down before your enemies (Jer 51:51, Ps 89:42) It brings sadness, weeping and tears (1 Sam 1;15-18) You become object of ridicule and mockery (Ps 79:4, 109:25, 89:41) 

It brings failure and disappointments at the edge of breakthrough It makes your position to be given to another person It leads to loss of spiritual power It ensures spiritual blindness It forces you to take the wrong direction of life Sickness/affliction and poverty It doesn’t allow your marriage or relationship to last Men suddenly back off from you etc ALSO READ:  Prayers When Vomiting In The Dream STEPS TO COVER YOUR NAKEDNESS IN THE DREAM Give your life to Christ Renounce your sins and be open Deal with that source of nakedness   INSTRUCTION: Embark on a 7-day fasting and prayers between 6am-3pm. Ask the Lord to cloth your nakedness. Command the God of mercy, to forgive you for the act of disobedience. Let me not be ashamed; 

Let not my enemies triumph over me. (Psalms 25:2 )   PRAYER POINTS I refuse to wear the garment that expose my nakedness, in the name of Jesus. (Touch your head) My life, you shall not disgrace God in my life in Jesus name Every secret of my life that is expose to my enemy, be closed by fire, in Jesus name Every confusing situation in my life, be terminated in Jesus name Spirit of shame jump out of my life in Jesus name Every result of disgrace after this dream, be cancelled by the blood of Jesus No curse will waste my life, in the name of Jesus Throughout the day of my life,

 i will not live an embarrassing life, in the name of Jesus. Every spiritual attack against my staff of bread, backfire, in the name of Jesus My mistake shall not form a bridge for the enemy to attack me, in the name of Jesus Every curse of rejection, be broken, in the name of Jesus Mockers of destiny assigned to mock me, be disgraced by fire, in Jesus name The devil shall not write the last chapter of my life, in the name of Jesus. Blood of Jesus, pull down the stronghold of open disgrace, in the name of Jesus

 Every power that wants me to see my mate and hide, it is not my portion, in Jesus name Every power assigned to naked me before my helpers, you are a liar, die, in the name of Jesus Any situation of my life that has turned to a laughing stock, Father, change my story, in the name of Jesus. O God deliver me from envious witchcraft, in the name of Jesus. 

Every power commenting on the cloth or shoe I wear, be frustrated by fire, in Jesus name O God My Father, cover my nakedness and expose my goodness to people, in the name of Jesus. Every anti-progress spirit, working against me, break by fire, in the name of Jesus. Every dream of nakedness threatening my breakthroughs, stop by fire, in Jesus name Every power using this dream to pursue my helpers, you are a liar, die, in Jesus name Powers that wants me to miss my divine blessings through this dream, die, in Jesus name 

Any power using my past life to attack me, be disgraced in Jesus name Any foundation power that wants me to suffer what my parents suffered, be arrested, be wasted, in Jesus name O God of times and season, break pattern of sorrow and regret in my life, in Jesus name This month, I shall be celebrated in Jesus name Power of unmerited favor fall upon me, in the name of Jesus. Every agreement of darkness to lock me out of favor this month, scatter,

 in the name of Jesus. Blood of Jesus, go into my yesterday and repair for your glory, in the name of Jesus. Any power broadcasting the stories of my life that I secretly with them to people of the world, Father, make my life more better than them , in Jesus name. Every altar of nakedness after my life, catch fire, in Jesus name The favor that has never been enjoyed by my ancestors, bestowed upon me, in Jesus name I wash my head with the blood of Jesus. I receive the garment of honor and riches! Glory robbers of my father’s house, die by fire, in Jesus name Any man or woman that hate to see me prosper, shall die, in Jesus name My glory will arise and shine more than my secret enemies, in Jesus name.