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Monday, May 7, 2018


House is a building for human habitation.  A former house is a house that you have left. When you dream of your former house, it is a satanic imprisonment and manipulation. It means the enemy is waging war against you in your former house. 
The demons that operate in your former house are the ones who are responsible for the problem that you are facing. They attack and send affliction into your life through your former  house. 
The wicked people always use the house to hinder you from moving forward and prosper. God is showing you this dream because He wants you to prosper.  There are good house and bad house. Good house is a house where the Holy spirit  dwells. A house where people progress and bless. Bad house is a house where it opens for delay, sickness, bad luck, death etc.


1.Backwardness/failure at the edge of breakthrough 2.Loss of virtue/profitless labour 3.Cobweb attacks 4.Household attacks 5.Satanic voice/No direction 6.Forgotten by people/Inability to finish whatever you have started 7.Inability to make progress 8.Confusion and frustration 9.Inability to hear from God 10.Marital delay 11.Family curse/evil pattern 12.Sickness and disease 13.Financial limitation etc
House Dream is the storehouse of blessings. When you dream where you are accommodating people to stay in your house, it means God’s visitation will overwhelm your life for entertaining people. It also means you are inviting the presence of the Holy Spirit into your home. 
This dream will serve as a restoration and open doors to your ways that has been closed. When you see unknown people operating in your house specifically to attack somebody, this is a sign that the person will be exposed to satanic manipulation and attacks. In most cases, it could come in the form of armed robbery or serious case that calls for urgent attention. 
This dream can bring losses and regret. Cancel it. Dreaming about a strange force locks you up in your room or elsewhere, or if it happens you see yourself in a dark room trying to find an escape route without success, all these foretells  satanic bondage. Pray that God should descend on that door to open by fire.
 When you dream and see yourself in a leaking room/house, it means lack of divine protection. It shows that the enemy is about to attack and expose your life to fear and uncomfortable lifestyle. 
If you are married, it means marital problem. When you dream where people are gathered in your house or room with a bad mood, it means the arrival of trouble and sorrow is very near. Cancel the plan! When you dream and see broken bed or chair in your home, it indicate that legs of the marriage has been manipulated and also a sign of selling your property. 
When you dream and see your landlord working around the compound with a plan to plant evil against you (if you parked into that house with joy), it means the landlord is planning to frustrate all your efforts in life and to make you suffer in the midst of plenty. If care is not taken, that landlord may plan to start to set out roadblock to you. When you dream where you are homeless, it is a sign of going back to square one in life where you should have been moving forward.
INSTRUCTION: Embark on 3 days fasting and prayers
PRAYER POINTS AGAINST DREAM OF FORMER HOUSE 1. Every house of sorrow and poverty, be destroyed in the name of Jesus. 2. Every evil house covering my glory, die, in Jesus name 3. Any power using my village to demote me in life, die,in Jesus name 4. My destiny, wherever you are in this house, come out by fire, in Jesus name 5. I receive power of double acceleration, in Jesus name. 6. Every power bringing disappointment and bad luck in my house, die, in Jesus name 7. Holy Spirit, reveal deep and secret things to me about my house, in the name of Jesus. 8. Powers that brings down a man and frustrate a woman in my lineage, be arrested in Jesus name 9. Battle of my father’s house, vowed that I will not succeed, you are a liar, I am more than a conqueror, in Jesus name 10. Anointing of success and propserity, come upo