Thursday, June 21, 2018


 speak that this week you align with your anointing. When you tap into your anointing things will begin to click for you. Here are 3 things from  “you are anointed for this” to give you confidence in your anointing.

▪️1) God is more interested in your anointing than your appearance. David was chosen King not because of his appearance but because of his heart. David’s heart was what lead to his being anointed. Keep your heart right and God will anoint, bless, and elevate you.

▪️2) God will include you when others overlook you. David was overlooked by everyone, but God used Samuel to make sure David was in position. Remember you are never lost. Others may not see you and your hard work, but remember you are always on the mind of God. Keep working. God will reward you.

▪️3) Your oil is specifically assigned. The anointing oil would only flow for David. None of his brothers could receive David’s anointing. Remember your gift, anointing, and assignment can not be duplicated. You are unique. You are chosen by God for a specific task. You are anointed.

▪️This week walk boldly in the place of your anointing. You are #anointed #chosen #favored.