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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

How comforting it is to be told that you have been loved

How comforting it is to be told that you have been loved, that you have been important or inspiring or cherished or a blessing or faithful or the best...

How life affirming to spend the last moments, days or months exchanging expressions of appreciation, forgiveness, prayer, laughter, and mutual assurances that God will care for each where each is going.

Just know how Yahushua felt 
Yahushua, Jesus, as He tried in  to say goodbye to His 12 Apostles and friends knowing that He would soon leave them. He so needed them to comfort Him as a  mortal man he once was for us to live and be given back to Abba father God Yahuah. Also to reassure Him of their love and gratitude for all He had done for them, but to no avail. He wept in the garden alone, and went to the cross by Himself with no tender touch of sympathy or sorrow to ease His isolation.

Yahushua Jesus' 
Experience with His Apostles highlights the problem when one is close to death. No one wants to share in it. The talk of "life going on" and the fixation on "normalcy" during these times are a cover for survivors who do not want to experience any part of death, even if it is not their own. Saying goodbye, however, makes you a partner in the experience of dying. It confirms its inevitability. It's like driving someone to the airport for an early flight. You may not be the one flying but you have to experience much of the discomfort and inconvenience that goes into an early morning departure time. In the same way, saying goodbye invests you into the dying process and forces you to admit that there will be a "departure." But here's the thing, next to a cure or complete recovery, saying goodbye is what the one facing death needs more than all else. This person requires someone to help them face a frightening reality, and the process of saying goodbye is love's way of letting go for both people caught up in life's most daunting experience.

The pain of Yahushua Jesus' lonely death was mitigated by the fact that He knew what His death would accomplish (the redemption of mankind - Romans 3:24), and He looked forward to His and our resurrection (Hebrews 12:2-3). The pain of our own death is also softened by the knowledge that someone will accompany us with love's goodbye weather be a sinner or righteous one of God .because at the entrance of death we are all one in the same , to its door, and we'll awaken to Yahushua Jesus' welcoming embrace never to say goodbye again.Or to say depart from me I never knew you
Apostle Rosalind Solomon