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Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Warning Not To Stop Prematurely This prophesy is from another Prophet

Warning Not To Stop Prematurely  

 In this time of taking possession of the new ground, and retaking ground previously taken from you, know there will be a battle. Expect there to be a struggle in this growth and development. These things will come, but they will not come easily. These will come, but they will not come quickly. They will not be handed over to you just because you have the insights to see it happen. It will require much from you, and you will be required to advance forward at great sacrifice and expense. (1) 

So do not be surprised at the trials you encounter, as though it were strange or odd. Do not be surprised at the delays, as if they should not be happening. Do not think you have missed the timing, or have missed the mark. Do not consider the presence of these things as an indicator of error. Do not think you have heard me incorrectly, because the enemy will attempt to craft a scheme against you to trick you into believing you have not understood the timing, direction, or method. This scheme will try to trick you into stopping when you should continue. This scheme will be one of the primary tools of the enemy in this season, to trick you into stopping prematurely. (2)

If he cannot stop you completely he will surely delay you. So move forward in boldness knowing you have been sent, knowing this is the right time, knowing this is the right method. Hold nothing back, for these things have been appointed to you and appointed for you. You will surely taste my goodness and see my faithfulness. Even though there is struggle and noise sent to confuse you, hold tight to my promises, my voice, my message, and my messengers. (3)

My messengers will rise up in the days ahead and will sound the alarm. They will call out to align the troops for battle. They will bring order to the chaos and will bring unity to the people now divided. I will give my messenger the words to speak. I will give them the plans to execute. I will give them the blueprints and timelines, in order to know the days and seasons. While many of the people on this Earth seem to be floundering around, lost, or in confusion, I will cause my messengers to rise up. Their voice will pierce through the noise and will shine into the darkest of places according to my plans and my timing. (4)

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