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Monday, July 5, 2021

Never forget when people see you as a small one or a ammeter. God Yah see you as more. Do not forget all in ministry and in life who are big now or well know or somewhat know was once small or an ammeter in people eyes. Nothing normally starts out big it must grow like a child from the wound. Just know that small ones you mock you laugh at- you pay no attention to- you reject- you overlook them -count as less than- They don’t entertain you enough-but want to save your soul to and for Yahushua Jesus and convict you, you run from them. That is the one you need not the one who lies to you and entertain you and toss to you to lucifer .Or they are not attractive because they don’t wear satan makeup or fake hair or beast hanging out or tight clothes and pants Or short dresses or skirts .Or the man is not right for the part in Gods kingdom. That man or woman will one day be a Giant. Why? God never overlooks sweat -tears of blood -sacrifice- obeying him- loving him being his best friend- being his servant a true one or ride or die for him!!! The God they serve is the biggest Giant AND HE IS IN THE BUSINESS OF MAKING MORE GIANTS FOR HIS QUIVER AND TO RUN HIS KINGDOM. Sometimes making a giant in Gods Kingdom takes him some time at times years .He will grow that Giant right before your very eyes .So when it’s the process is finish you marvel and he gets all the Glory!!! It is not overnight. It is just that some Giants forget where they came from and that they were once small tadpoles. Like one is before they get in the womb of their mother!!! And that God made them into what they are today. So, when a new Giant in the making comes on the BLOCK with new stuff like the new kid on the block they get jealous AND call them crazy unworthily saying no-NA that anIt God that is the devil. When in fact they are the devil incarnated. They cannot handle the new Giant in the making God has send and he also has sent them to help that Giant who is already a giant to grow into a principality Giant. But they cannot or could not see the blessing of God in the new giant in the making. So, they in fact began to get smaller WHY? They reject the one sends by God. Just like when Yahushua walk the earth many rejected him mock him they believe he was of the devil to .So many miss him and what he carry life- blessing and God and the Holly Spirit and heaven .When they realize who he really was at the end of it his time on earth as one of us .It was to late they JUST miss him and all that he carried. So, they JUST never got promoted to the level God had plan for them THEY DID NOT GET LIFE OR ALL HE CARRIED. Instead, many died and when to fire EMPTY HANED . But the ones who knew him who believe him who saw the God in him, they received him Got the blessing and life and all he offers them Walk AWAY WITH THE BIGGEST TREASURE EVER KNOW TO MAN Him Yahushua Jesus and God and the Holy Spirit and HEAVEN . Even the thief to the right of him saw it and grab it and ran with him straight to heaven. While the other one mock him and try to shame him to bring him low making him feel what he was doing for man was nothing and it did not matter. So what happen to him. His eye got pluck right on out and he died straight to fireeeee So please don’t judge someone because there unknow or may not have much or much following or not being invited in churches platform Ect. Or are just a plant warehouse worker or a cashier or a housewife or a homeless person or one on drugs or one who is mental or because she does not have a husband or because she is a woman. Or because he is not married or don’t make that much money or have a car or his own place or a small one. Or he is not handsome enough to fill the position. Or she does not have enough worldly beauty for you. But she has God beauty which is not good enough for you. God can change any one around he is the REARRANGE GOD You never know the plants of God and he always uses the ones man thinks is less than. He allows many to go through hard times suffering loneliness exit is like he is using it to recreate them rearrange them so to speak to undo all the damage the enemy has done to them from birth because the mother wound was cruse don’t forget we are all born into sin from the mother wound which is still Eves wound and the curse of Adam seed is the mans seed on this earth and his lions are curse as well his children till they come in to Holiness of God through Yahushua and it will stay that way till Yahushua come back . Do not miss God Yah ,do not miss the one he has sent to you straight from heaven!!! Do not miss the Giant in the making he has sent before you .You may be one your self don’t lose that chance by degrading others. For what you do on to other will surely return to you if no repentance and change of heart comes along in you In Yah Jesus name . For one day that Giant will get so big you may not be able to reach them when you really need them. So love them help them to grow as Yah did you don’t mock them see them as less than. Or because they have new stuff God never gave you or taught you to give away to the other Giants in the making. God is going to spread it out Iron sharpens Iron this way. Dont overlook them or judge them by how they look .Do not forget a book cover may not always be to your liking .But if you open it and begin to read and see what’s in it .You will like it and be surprise and bless by God in ways you never knew you could be .You will want to finish reading it and go on the journey to. It can change your life as well for the better in God Yah . GOD Yah has a funny way of responding when one is disobeying don’t be one of them, he bless!!! Add to Your Post Boost Post