Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Attacks On High Alert From Satan and his kingdoms.

Warning satan is  on the attack  the enemy is hitting in places that will shock you sayeth the lord. However don't be sayeth the lord .For a house that stand's in me stand on firm ground.For the house that does not stand firmly in me will be destroy and devour by the enemy.The enemy has but a short time left .The enemy will be working over time now to take as many as he can to his kingdom sayeth the lord. The lord sayeth stand strong in him ask him for strength every day and stay in prayer and relationship with me sayeth Yahweh.For I have defeated satan when I shed my blood with my living water that now flow's  in and through you sayeth Yahweh Just remember   to call on me Yahweh  thy God call  on me Yahweh thy God. Given To Servant Prophet Rosalind Solomon EST 8pm Dec. 24th