Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Lord is and will be in 2014 Looking For His True Children.

God will reveal his true Children in 2014 his true worshipers. God  Yahuveh is looking for true children true worshipers now and more in 2014.We are in end days now sayeth the lord .Who will stand with me in coming days and season sayeth the lord. who will stand with me  sayeth the lord.So be ready for the lord for he will be looking more than ever before for his true children for he has and is building a true army from heaven sayeth the lord. Many people will be looking for God children for they will be looking for me Yahweh in and through you How will they find me if there is no one left to lead them to me. So be prepare be prepare sayeth the lord be prepare.For my children will be the most seek out from all four corners of the world saythe the Lord.People who you think will never look or search or seek me will .And they shall not be turn away.from me sayeth the lord they shall not thus sayeth the lord. Given to his Servant prophet Rosalind Solomon Dec 24th EST 810pm