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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Double Fold Blessing To All Who Want It Sayeth The lord.

Blessing to all who visit this Blog.Over The Next 14 days who ever visit this blog Prophetic Voice Of Yahweh Ministry  and Donates 15-25-50 Dollar's what ever God place on your heart to Give.God will (Double fold 100x100x100x100x100x100x100 times) (seven ) sayeth the lord. This is what  Yahweh has told me to do. For three- to four days. I have been hearing him tell me this. So I just say ok never type it on this blog , since then every day he has told me to do this even today so Now I am. Also I have three books left out of like 50 something .I will send to the first three who donate between this evening and tomorrow morning.I will mail to you. Also I have a PDF book in my files. I will email it to all who Donate .It is the only one PDfFever Publish and I have it.Yahweh his led me to do this for all who donate in next 14 day;s From (Dec 24th 2013 to Jan.7 2014)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
Dec 26th 013 Word Given To Servant Prophet Rosalind Solomon EST At 530pm                                                                                                                                                                                                         Israel will sign peace treaty before the allotted time April 2014 Sayeth the lord ,The lord has given me this word once before that USA will experience attack like Israel and other foreign country .So prepare observe all and watch cause if you do you can prevent them. Like on city buses and subway and trains even planes malls, building, movie places.Also gunman will be on the lose more in coming season. also eatery places will be attack in coming season..This is not to make you fear sayeth Yahweh this is to perpare you for what is coming to your land and soil soon thus sayeth the lord.. We must not be slothful , as USA is we must learn to be like the country who experience theses things.Cause it is coming sayeth the lord.. Also sayeth Yahweh people must watch  their children in coming season.Satan is on a mission to devour as many children as he can cause they are weaker the younger they are.2014 like Yahweh has said to me last week.2014 will be good, bad, happy, Joyful and sad,good and evil positive and negative. Also that his children will be protected and stand in him.Turn on to me Yahweh for what is coming only I can protect you and keep your life and soul safe in me. For I m the king of king, lord of lord,for I am the  husband man of all who come onto me.For I am the master of all master, for I am the prophet of all prophet for, I am the protector of all protector. ,for I am the provider of all .It is only I The Great I am who I am that I am who can save ,only I The Great I am can save you thus sayeth the lord.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Dec.26th 2013 This year 2013 has had the most earthquakes and volcano eruption and floods. Yahweh told me all of this would come a s many of you have seen the video that are now deleted and heard  me give the word on my radio show.From Yahweh and even down to the states without power and the crazy winter weather. It says in the word of God when you see wars and man against man child against parents and children against parents. People being lover of them self's. And calling evil good and good evil. Kingdoms falling ,Nation falling rumors of war and war  That is the beginning of end times. When you see earthquakes the floods in diver places tasumni , the earth till ,shift, move out of alignment like it has.This is  the sign of my coming                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Yahweh is coming no one knows when ,however we know by the signs it will be very soon.So if you do not know Yahweh there are two Salvation prayers on this blog  and a link as well that will help you know Yahweh. Also  lead you right to his feet and then arms for life and forgiveness after repentance and then you will have  your divine Destiny Yahweh has for you .Yahweh loves us all even the sinner he made you created you.There is nothing Yahweh will not forgive  not nothing, he will for give anything as long as you repent and seek him and ask for forgiveness whole heartly.Also it is not to  late for any one no matter what  age or greed  or background it is never to late for you with Yahweh.So please if you have not done so already please give your life to Yahweh aka King Jesus Christ.So that you to can have life everlasting and be the Bride and Guest at the Feast of Feast table in heaven and spend Eternity with Yahweh AKA Jesus ,Yahuveh AKA God and Rauch ha Kodesh. Aka Holy Spirit