Saturday, August 2, 2014

Michael's wants me to show The world Hi testimony Giving God Glory and Thanking God for me in Yahweh name. 08-2-2014

( 1st email )Thank you for your quick reply. I have been a student of Yahweh as he has revealed info about Demons and the music industry.....( last 3 years).......etc.  I am a Seventh Day Adventist ......well not anymore . Thank you.  do you know why I am so moved that you are a true prophet? The last 3 years the things I learned........the things Yahweh put in my Heart...........You have confirmed.  I am a single father . 4 biracial kids. 1 with her mom . The other 3 ( 10 ...9....9 twins  boy and girl)are with me. MIGHTY YAHUVEH MADE IT HAPPEN!  Pray for us . I named every one of my Children for Yahuvehs Glory. Here are their names . Michaella Sarahfina Michaels   - Sarah Beloved Micaiah Jade Michaels  - Michael Yeshua David Paul Michaels   - Elshadiah Sarah Ellise Hannah Marie Michaels . I will continue to stick close to your messages from Yahweh ....and Contribute . Thank you so much.  by the way ,  Check out Bill Shecnobelen. My spelling may be off some.  but its close. Blessed be Yahuveh God over you and you Children. AMEN ...SELAH...And So Be It.       HAPPY SABBATH PROPHET. O:-)O:-)O:-)O:-)O:-)O:-)O:-)

Michael                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                ( 2nd email)   Yes. By all means . I believe every word from your mouth . Yahuveh  God has never pointed me in a wrong direction . I feel free. Likethe Apostle Paul...I am Learning the truth as it is in Yahweh . My Children will learn things of Yahuveh I never dreamed existed at their Age. My Spirit and my soul rejoices...for...Behold what manner of Love Father Yahuveh has bestowed upon me to lead me to his Prophet. Enjoy your Sabbath . Ps.... This morning I was troubled and afraid, vexed and uncomfortable ....Now I have peace...moreover Excitement . God Bless.O:-)O:-)O:-)O:-)O:-)O:-)O:-)

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