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Saturday, August 2, 2014

This is What I just wrote back to someone Who just read my book And email me through the blog.God wanted me to share this with you .Also it is part of My testimony what lead me to God be bless.

When we sin and die with that sin we perish in to everlasting torment. I have seen this the lord has took me to hell and back and some of heaven. I  lived with demons in my body for years and did not know it because of my sin.. It was when I almost lost my life. I learn what satan and demons are and that hell was real. I believe in hell..However I  did not know what it was or what it was like.People would ask me back then do I think I would go to heaven or  hell., I always's answer back I don't know. Cause back then I knew nothing of Heaven and Hell reality .Until that dreadful day of the lord came upon me and I almost die. Our God is a Just God he judges righteously and fairly . So if you live a life of sin never repent and you know Heaven and Hell God and satan Good and evil and you die not living thorough God the way he deem you will die everlasting torment for sure. And Yes there are children in hell, there are many who have seen this in hell and told or wrote books to about it .If you live righteously through God you will go to heaven. People and saints don't understand God is a God of war and wrath when his anger needs to be kindle. . He has to be or else he will go against his self, and God will never go against his self for nothing and no one he is God Yahuveh .So just like God is Just in Evil so is he in Righteousness So yes if one lives against the will of God for their live and never answer the cal they could perish and if  there is family curse ancestral one's that never get repented for it will be  4 more generation that  will suffer and maybe perish to . If they don't come on to Yahweh .. If the family are Idol worshiper then 11 generation will suffer until one comes on to God and repent. read Det 28 and 63 .Read the book of Isiah read the book of Jeremiah .read Ezekiel read Daniel Read The book of Revelation. This is why I  have Scripture in my Book  Notes On How To Get To Heaven Yahweh and I wrote to back up every thing up  in the book. Be bless. Yahweh has just open your eye's to his truth