Friday, August 1, 2014

Prophesy Word From God 08-01-2014 And prophesy coming to pass Also Yahweh is calling from Repentance of New York City and still USA and New York City (Alert). the city of (New York) and (The United States of America) is facing a potentially devastating moment.That Shall ascent on them Shortly thus sayeth the lord

1-Hello saints the lord told me that sink holes and cracks would come on the earth .he told me  this last year and earlier this year. He sayeth it will weaken the limning of the earth  This morning God sayeth to me that the sink holes in Russia  has weaken there alignment ,. It is preparing for a major  Earth Quake that will come there soon .It Could actually be Siberia Russia  Russian call it the end of the world. the lord did not say where,n Russia just that it will s not demons coming out . Although they demons  can Cause  holes in earth. is a portal from the 2nd heaven to the bottom of the earth . Cause this is where they will come from out of under the earth .As it says in Revelation. The last book in the bible.Be bless In Yahweh name         2- 2-(Prophesy come to pass) The lord sayeth to me earlier this year it is a video on Prophetic mantle 2 channel . that there would be exposition all over the world and New York. So far it has happen n many places in the world .Prayer for you New York for it shall come sayeth the lord.