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Wednesday, April 8, 2015


As always let the Holy Spirit guide you in all discernment and understanding!

Message: I am coming My Bride hold fast to all that you have. I will keep you safe under My Wing. Listen closely to what I say in these time of revelation and tribulation in your lives, for now there is a storm coming. But it shall not harm those who have been sealed by My cross and blood. I have each one marked and placed at the right place. You all shall see My hand move in your midst. I am the savior of all Mankind and My plan for them shall be fulfilled. I will bring in My flock and they will know their God. Share what I have spoken to who I lead you too. This is a crucial time in My Bible. You all are in the book cant you see it? Ask My Spirit to reveal these things and reflect on this truth. Many seek answers now but choose to use their own understanding. I am the one and only that shall reveal to whom seek it. For remember, it takes a King to reveal these things. Can you feel the stirring in the air? It is thick of evil and great calamity approaching. I am performing My last calls now into the ark for it is about to close with My age of grace. Now I will shed light on those who have prepared themselves for this time. Great joy comes at the revelation of these who shall be changed. They have shed off all of the flesh and poured out themselves for My Holy Spirit. Can you see it? The angels sing, Heaven awaits, the redeemed have been waiting for the celebration to begin! It is TIME! Sing praise to the Father for Now is the revival. Now is the consummation. Now is the gathering of My anointed and chosen . Let the Heavens sing for the time of all things in My prophecies of the end times is to be fulfiled! It is a grand time of a great climax to only lead to another climax. I am the I am all things are possible with Me. See these things come to pass at a rapid pace for much shall be shaken. I have called all to repentance and many neglect My word. Certainly they will witness their reward, I will allow the darkness in their minds and hearts to be revealed to them and it shalled humble many but the division will be great. Oh how they will not repent from their ways, it hurts Me so, but I am a father who does not force. I am a Father of free will and choice. This is it, war approaches your land and America shall tremble and quake at all that comes upon her. Oh how she has shunned Me from her youth. I wish none to perish can anyone conjure up the love I can for them? Surely I have sent many to her giving warnings repeatedly to her. She desires the harlot that is full of innocent blood. She puts on her attire provoking the nations to drink her portion as well. Enough! She will have her reward in a horrible way for her sins have not been removed for her heart seeks no repentance. I am a judge and a righteous God and will do her as I have done Sodom as well as More in My anger against her. Woe to those who seek her pleasures for the same cup they shall drink as well. Leave her My people leave the stained clothing for righteousness!